How do you bloggers read so much?


I’ve actually been in awe of this for quite some time, but just now did it hit me that I should ask you guys how you’re all doing it. LET ME IN ON YOUR SECRET!

I was reading through all of these weekly wrap up posts (as a book blogger does on the weekend…), and I noticed a trend: You other bloggers read a lot. (Well, duh, Emily, they read a lot. They’re book bloggers…) Right, but I’m a book blogger too, and I know from more personal posts from you guys that you either are high school or college students, or have jobs or kids, or much more important things to do than to read books. BUT YOU MANAGE TO READ LIKE 3 BOOKS A WEEK! I can read 1 to 2 a week (just on the weekends, I don’t really read much during the week because of that thing called school), and that’s depending on my homework and studying situation. Like this weeked, I read about 100 pages of a book I’ve been trying to read for two weeks, and not because the book is bad, I just have no time (or so I think…I’m guessing you all have less time that I do, so that leads me to believe you all have a secret you’re not sharing…*gives you a sideways glance*).

I guess what I’m asking is: how do all of you book bloggers out there with busy lives make time to read throughout the week, and at the magnitude that you do?

With attending a pre-college program this summer for six weeks, senior year next year, and then college the fall after that, I’m getting nervous that I won’t have as much time to read anymore. Just this year I’ve decreased the amount of books that I’ll be able to read from last year, and the year before that. My point is that I want to continue blogging and being able to read throughout my higher educations, but I’m not quite sure how to make it all work…

So what do you guys think? How do you read so much during the busy week?


39 thoughts on “How do you bloggers read so much?

  1. Haha this made me laugh! I guess I manage to read so much because I make time for it. I work around 17 hour days and at least 1 hour of that is spent reading, as I consider that a part of my work. I would read much more if I could! But I try to make it a priority everyday despite everything else I have going on!

  2. I read for about 30 minutes each night before I go to bed, and that’s when I get most of my reading done. Other than that I rely on an extra free hour or so over the weekend, but my schedule is pretty booked otherwise! I’ve often wondered this- how are these people reading at least three books each week? I would love to be able to read that fast!

  3. I have good weeks and bad weeks. When I have good weeks the books are easy and fly through them. I literally read whenever I get the chance- I do ebooks mostly so I can read on my phone if need be. I get in pages when I am waiting for my daughter at school, I listen when I am cooking dinner and things like that.

  4. I’m not sure..I’m literally reading whenever I’m not doing anything else. I read before/after class, before/afterschool, standing up, sitting down…you ge the idea! πŸ˜› I have a pretty ambitious reading goal of 250 books for this year actually πŸ˜€ But I think I might pull it off.. just maybe!

  5. I have just about every reading medium you can imagine, so whenever I’m not doing something else, I’m reading. I also read more than one book at a time. I have a different book for each app, as well as a book in my purse, and usually something open on my computer.

    I read in the car (obviously I’m not the one driving), on the bus, when I’m walking (have to watch out for obstacles though), on breaks at work (shhh… even sometimes when I’m supposed to be working) and just about any other time that there’s a free moment.

    And I still wonder how some readers manage, because while my reading game is strong, some are downright insane. πŸ™‚

    Great post!

  6. For me it all depends on the genre I’m reading. I take my time with classics. YA books are easy reads for me, I can do those in 1 or 2 days, so I try to read at least one YA book each week. What I try to do each week is keep a balance and read different genres.
    I read every day in the morning after I wake up. My house is silent, there’s no outside noise except for the birdies tweeting and chirping. There’s something about mornings that make me enjoy reading. I also read whenever I can during the day, but my main reading time is that hour in the morning. Weekends are great to catch up. I don’t usually read at night because it gets me too relaxed and I fall asleep. Unless I’m reading a thriller that keeps me turning pages all night!
    But like I said, it all depends on what I’m reading. Some weeks I’m a mean lean reading machine, and then some weeks the stories just don’t do it for me and I take longer to finish them.
    My advice is: don’t worry too much if people read more or less than you. Read at your own pace and time. Enjoy your reading breaks. After all, that’s what makes a readers life happy.

  7. I have been asking myself this for months! Some are reading over 20 books a month! I work full time and my hours are different every week. I am planning a wedding and doing different things with the Mr. To keep us happy and not bored, ha. I don’t read nearly as much as I did before we dated but I am getting better now. I just don’t know how they do it!

    Such a good post!!

  8. It’s hard to read when you’re in school just because of homework and stuff…I mean, school really does follow you home. Once I’d graduated I realized that I had all sorts of time to read because I didn’t have to do homework once I got home! (Also, my husband has recently gotten into cooking so he’s decided to make dinner most nights. Also, also, it’s baseball season so he’s been pretty absorbed with games as well. Also, also, also, he’s been wanting to be a better reader too so we have Wednesday reading days where we read instead of watching TV or something.)

  9. For me it all comes down to choices. I work 35 hours a week and am in college. I love reading first thing in the morning, I find it a nice relaxing way to wake up. On days that I don’t have a 7am class I decide to wake up 20 to 30 minutes early to read. Instead of using down time for netflix I split it between reading and netflix. I use my commute for audiobooks. It’s a good time to get reading in. If you take a bus or train bring a book. I went into a huge reading slump when I entered college because I thought I didnt have time but then I realized despite how busy I was I did have moments of free time and it was all about bringing a book or audiobook with me where I went and choosing to read instead of relax (with in a balance or else I would topple over with exhaustion.)

  10. In college, while I was still as busy as I was in high school, I found that my time was divided a lot differently (such as only having class three days a week, blocking all my classes to have mornings free, etc) so it made it easier to read more consistently. Also, since blogging I’ve cut WAY down on the amount of time I spent watching tv/Netflix and that gave me a LOT more time to read. Lastly, I almost ALWAYS bring a book with me so I get in reading time when Id otherwise be sitting around (like waiting for an appointment, unexpectedly stuck somewhere, etc). I do try to keep my reading goal more reasonable though (this year it’s 70 books and I think I’m going to exceed it) because I have to keep in mind reviewing each book takes time as well!

  11. Well, while I have two jobs (literary agent + bookselling), having those two jobs means being surrounded by books and ARCs and unpublished manuscripts all the time, which means I tend to read faster. I’m not three-books-a-week fast, but considering all I HAVE to read…

    This part won’t sound fun, but it’s made me read faster (not skimming, and definitely still soaking everything in): I set a timer for 20 minutes. I’ll read for 20, go do something productive (laundry, cooking, errands, work stuffs), come back and read another 20. Since my job is read read read, this timer is in constant motion. So I’ll read-for-fun 20, read-for-work 20, and repeat. It goes by so fast AND you still have time in your day to do those adult things and have a social life.

    1. Now, I see you’ll be going to college soon. When I was in high school and college, I read all my class assignments first, then read a half hour to an hour before bed each night. You just…set time aside for fun. You’ll be surprised how much you get done!

  12. I have no idea! It just happens hahah! Ok here’s the trick. The trick is to stay up EVERY NIGHT and read one book.

    Ok here are better tricks on how to read 3 books a week:
    – Bring your book everywhere with you so you can read it in your spare time
    – An hour is a lot of time, especially if you’re a fast reader. So stop procrastinating and READ YOUR BOOK
    – Just don’t study or do homework.
    – Never sleep
    – Just don’t go to classes in general
    – Throw away your social life and other hobbies
    – Get a cat

    I think that’s it. And I’m sure most people will agree with me on all of these!

  13. There are a few variables to my reading speed, actually. I read contemporary MUCH faster than I do fantasy, so there’s that. As for the time – I kind of just find it in little blips during the day. I have two jobs, so most of the time I’ve got about an hour or half an hour between shifts, so I read then. Or I read on my lunch breaks. Plus, I drive my sister around to places sometimes, so I read while I wait for her to be done! I don’t get as much binging time like I used to, but all the little fifteen minute sections really add up in the end πŸ™‚

    I should also mention that I took a speed-reading course in college so I think I’ve retained a few of those tips haha.

  14. During the week I don’t read as much as I like to, but on the weekend is really when I get my reading done. I can generally finish at least 2 books a week. Then it really depends on the book. Something light and quick, I can fly through in maybe an afternoon, where as an in depth fantasy would take me a bit longer. It really depends on my mood and the book. Great post!

  15. Oh dear gosh, I ask myself this question whenever I see bloggers post 4-5 reviews in a week. Like, how did you read 4-5 books before? Where did you get the time? I can only manage 1 book a week. I’m pretty behind in my GR Reading Challenge, and it says in the widget that I’m “10 books behind schedule.” 10 books is a lot. I don’t think I feel motivated to catch up, more or less finish my goal at least.

    While I’m bothered by how fast others read (while I lack the talent), I sometimes don’t mind how much I read compared to other people. I mean, okay you read a lot of books? So what? πŸ™‚

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

  16. I’m currently in college, so maybe I can share from experience!!

    I love reading and it’s very important to me, so I set aside some time each day of the school-week to read (usually thirty minutes before bed or between classes). Then, on the weekends, breaks, and during visits to home, I can read a lot more! It’s really just making time for reading because you love to read!

    Make sure you don’t get discouraged, though. There were months I would get through one book and then a week where I would read four. Understand what is priority and attend to that matter first!

  17. I read on the subway when commuting to work. If I try reading in a bus or car, I get motion sickness, but the subway luckily doesn’t bother me; I also read at lunch. Sometimes fitting in ten or fifteen minutes of reading in a day is an accomplishment, and other times there’s much more flexibility in when I can curl up with a book. More than a book or two a week still sounds pretty intense to me, though!

  18. I’m not sure about other bloggers, but I’m a reader before I am a blogger. I read a ton because I love love love reading and can’t imagine a life without it. In fact, reading is actually one of my only hobbies haha. People are always telling me I read fast, so the more books I read, the harder it is to catch up on reviews, and some of them never even get reviewed lol. I read faster than I review.

    Actually, reading 1-2 books a week is pretty great, Emily! In fact, I know a lot of book bloggers who don’t read A TON but still have wonderful blogs. I’m a bit of the opposite. The more I read, the less I’m on my blog – in a way, not reading as much kind of makes you a better book blogger (this is just my opinion). I’ve read a hundred books so far this year but probably reviewed less than half of that…oops.

    And aaaah you’re almost off to college! I hope you have a great senior year!

  19. I like this post because I sometimes cannot figure out for the life of me where I find the time to read. I think it helps that I have a half hour commute in the morning and evening which can be even longer depending on traffic, so that’s an hour for reading right there. Then there’s the half hour I have for lunch where I find a quiet corner to read a little whilst I eat my lunch. And then there’s whatever time I find at home. I do find working means that once I’m finished for the day my time is my own, it’s different when you’re at school or college, sure you have to attend class, but there is all the extra work that comes in your own time as well, I don’t have that anymore. I have noticed I don’t spend as much time watching TV or doing other things as I used to, sometimes my reading decreases as my other interests take over. It’s all a careful balancing act really.

    Who cares how much you read, though? Sometimes you have time to read and other times you don’t, that is life, as long as you’re enjoying yourself it’s all good.

  20. Hi Emily! I am actually do a week long blog series next week called blogging on a time crunch, which talks about my blogging and reading schedule, tips and tools I use and time management for working full time and running my blog.

    My short answer though, is that I have a good blog schedule, I have great blogging tools that automate a lot of my blogging processes and I read fast. I read about 100 pages an hour so I can knock out the typical YA book in about 3 hours.

    Great post!

  21. I read a lot less than I usually do during second semester this year because I was so stressed and not in the mood to read. I usually finish 3-5 books a week during the school year. I squeeze in time to read in the morning before school and in the car after school (40 minute commute). I also read a lot at night because I have insomnia. I guess insomnia has a few perks. It also helps that I’m a pretty fast reader.

  22. I think everyone has their own reading pace – some people think I read a lot (when I’m on a roll I can gobble a book quite easily) but then I’ll go through weeks where I hardly read at all. I don’t think most of us can have a consistent pace all the time. Other things do creep in – life! When I am reading a lot, it’s usually because there’s not a lot of drama going on at that time, so I have the peace to read, and I read before bed every night. I wish I could read more, but I try not to stress about it. R x

  23. I sometimes don’t even understand myself how I can read so many books, because most of the times I feel so busy :’) I guess it is a combination of good time management and a quick reading pace?

  24. I’m not in high school any more, but when I was, I read every waking minute and was very efficient with my homework.

    I sat in the library during lunch every day and read.

    I read in between classes.

    When a teacher gave us time in class to start our homework, most people would take that as an opportunity to chat or goof off, but I actually did my homework. That gave me more free time at home later.

    I did my homework very quickly and efficiently, which gave me plenty of free time after school.

  25. Y’know in Year 7 and 8 I managed to read nearly a book a day but now I’m in the same situation as you, I only get 1 to 3 books in a week if I’m lucky, haha.

  26. I know that if I try, I can read a book a day but most of the time, I don’t try. LOL.

    It’s probably because of my lack of a social life. Just saying. Also, I’m a really fast reader and that’s just something that’s different for everyone.

  27. I think this probably depends a lot on the length and difficulty of the books people read, especially if they are bloggers who have a lot going on in their lives. Personally, I read while I eat breakfast and even while I brush my teeth. I do take breaks for time with my fiance, of course, and to game with friends, but even reading during most of my free time, 12 books a month is about the max for me.

  28. I tend to read ebooks a lot more lately, but that just means I’m up until about midnight while reading. Other books just find their way into my day via bus journeys etcetera.

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