It’s officially my start to summer vacation!

Hey guys,

So I totally went on hiatus without telling you guys — oops sorry. But, but BUT it’s now officially my summer vacation and I’ve actually been reading! *gasp*

I’m almost done with Rook by Sharon Cameron (LOVING IT!), and then I’m planning on making my way through my review copy TBR that’s been piling up since the beginning of the end of school.

As I’ve mentioned before I’ll be going away for six weeks to a pre-college program on June 26th. I’m planning on reading lots and pre scheduling as many posts and reviews as I can before then. I’m sure I’ll take to Twitter to share some of the fun I’m having!

So stay tuned for actual blog posts, coming soon…;)



3 thoughts on “It’s officially my start to summer vacation!

  1. Happy summer vacation! I’m not officially on my vacation yet but I basically have no school left – I really only need to pop in to get my yearbook & report card. So woohoo to having free time back! I am sooo looking forward to using the time to READ READ READ although it is a little strange when I think about all the time I have for myself. I don’t even know what to do any more. Tell me how Rook goes, I’ve heard good things! And yes keep us updated on your program!!

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