4 Stories to Binge until the Next Episode of THE BOLD TYPE!

The Bold Type image via Freeform.com
The Bold Type image via Freeform.com.

Freeform’s The Bold Type has taken TV by storm. It’s my (and many many other women’s) current summer TV obsession, and if it’s not yours it totally should be. Go watch it! Oh so current, fun, and more important than ever, this show tackles topics young women in the professional workforce, and so much more.

So, if like me, 9PM on Tuesdays can’t come fast enough, or you’re just eager for more feel-good and real stories about today’s young women, look no further! I’ve got 4 stories to fill The Bold Type void until next week’s episode.

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obsessedSummer left me with lots of time, and the one thing that I love almost as much as reading, is TV. There are pretty much none of my usual favorites on TV during the summer, so of course I had to look for new ones. I thought that it would be fun to share with you my new discoveries, so when you’re in need of some good procrastination, just watch a season!

The Royals

Why I’m Obsessed: There’s drama, hot guys, and they’ve all got a British accent. Plus some of the scenes are hilarious, and this show will make you happy that the real British monarchy isn’t as messed up as this fictional one. Plus, William Mosely has certainly grown up nicely since Narnia…

Scream: The TV Series

Why I’m Obsessed:¬†There’s mystery, real scares, and romance! What else do you need from an MTV show?


Why I’m Obsessed:¬†Sutton Foster pretty much covers it! She’s hilarious. I’m hoping that by the time I’m her age I’ll still look that good. Plus I love Hilary Duff (since my Lizzie McGuire days).

So those are the shows that I binged while I was on summer vacation! I also watched Teen Wolf Season 5A this summer, but it’s no secret that I’ve been a part of the pack for a LONG time now. All three of the above shows will be returning for second seasons, and I couldn’t be happier because they totally deserve to!

Do you guys watch any of these shows?