#YAStandsFor | I Read YA Week Recap


Yesterday, I Read YA Week came to a close. This year’s theme was #YAStandsFor, celebrating all of the great things that YA has come to be a symbol of for its readers.

If you missed out on the fun, I encourage you to share the YA love! Post your own reasons why you love YA, and share what you think #YAStandsFor on your social media accounts! Check out I Read YA’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see their exclusive videos and posts for the week!

Since I posted almost all of my daily challenges on Instagram or Twitter, I thought I’d recap them here on the blog for you to see as well!

Day 1: Kickoff & What I believe YA stands for

Day 2: A book that helped me find my voice

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What Does YA Stand For?


Not too long ago I got a very exciting email from Scholastic, letting me know all about the return of their I Read YA festivities again for a week this summer! It’s a week of fun challenges for us YA-lovers to celebrate the books we adore, taking place July 10th-17th. This year’s theme is #YAStandsFor, and they’re asking what YA means to us!

WHAT DOES YA STAND FOR_Social Graphic.png

To kick off the week, today I’m discussing what I feel YA stands for, and what YA has meant to me throughout my time reading YA books!

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