Life Updates, TV Binges, and Winter Break Reading!

Hello hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? While I did have posts going up semi-frequently throughout the months of September and October, I hit a bit of a dry spell when I reached November. That was when my pre-planned posts ran out, school got crazy busy, and I fell almost completely off the face of the earth, haha!

BUT, I had an incredible semester, and as always I’m happy to be home on break and relax! So, here’s an attempt at filling you in on my life in the past three months, and a peek at what’s to come!

Life Updates

This was my first semester as a Graphic Design major (freshman year was spent in foundations), and I had a blast! I was finally able to do more work that I really loved, and I think it showed. I got a lot of different exposure to all kinds of design. I can proudly say that I’ve designed two full books, and I going to be working on hand binding one myself during this break!

My parents visited in October for our Parent’s Weekend, and we traveled to Newport, RI for the first time. This was also the first time I’ve been to the ocean and beach in like, 10 or 12 years?! I had the time of my life! It’s such a beautiful New England town.

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I disappeared for a while there, didn’t I?

HI PEOPLE! I can’t tell you how great it feels to be typing a blog post right now. I took a hiatus without really meaning to for almost a month. I told myself I would be reading and posting, but the reality was I haven’t read a book for pleasure since I wrote that last review. It was crunch time for APs, including AP Art, which was a whirlwind. I will honestly admit that I didn’t really feel like reading anything either. Instead, I binge-watched all six seasons of Gossip Girl. You know, productive.

But now I can officially say that I’m finished with APs FOREVER, and am basically just doing busywork for the rest of my classes until graduation! AH! What that means for us: I HAVE TIME TO READ AGAIN!! I’m out of what I’m calling my life-slump, and back into reading, which of course means, blogging, too.

I started reading The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi yesterday, and will have a review and Q&A with the author as a part of the blog tour on Friday. I’m soooo excited because I’m really loving this book! I’ll also be catching up on other review copies I’ve sadly neglected.

I’ve gotten a ton of books in the month I’ve been gone. Most of them were eARCs that I just recently got approved for that I requested a looooong time ago. Others were physical ARCs that were unsolicited. And a few were book-retail-therapy during exam week. I’ll definitely be posting a haul very soon, but first…

This Saturday I will be at the Rochester Teen Book Festival again, and am planning on buying lots of books. I’ll be holding off on that book haul until after that. I’m really looking forward to it as I’m going with my friend, and there are tons of amazing authors going to be there (I’ll recap, don’t worry). Also, I’m currently planning to meet up with fellow book blogger Jamie @ Books and Ladders, which I’m super excited about!

So, life is good. I’m at the homestretch for school, and I’m ready for some relaxation and reading in the summer sun! You will definitely be hearing more from me very soon! Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through it all, and HELLOOOO! to all my new followers!


Exciting Life News!

Hi guys! I’ve been a bit absent again. Life’s been pretty crazy getting ready for Christmas, finishing up projects for school, and reading for my AP Lit class. If you were wondering we’re finishing up Tess of the d’Urbervilles before Christmas break. BUT, amidst all that craziness was the magical day of December 10th, 2015. Why so magical, you ask? Well, that was the day that I got my first (and what will be my only) college acceptance letter! I am so, SO, SOOO happy to say that I’ll be attending my dream school next fall!! It’s that kind of famous art school located in Rhode Island…

I was a nervous wreck leading up to finding out, and needless to say I was crying hysterically while reading the email aloud to my parents. I am extremely proud of myself for being accepted. I worked my bum off and I think that could show in my application and portfolio.

So now I’m celebrating and planning to spend my break relaxing with lots of books! I’ve got a bunch of review copies that have piled up — some pretty exciting ones! Keep an eye out on my Goodreads for sneaks at my thoughts on those.

Talk to you guys very soon!


ARC August: Week One Update!

I can’t believe it, but August is already here and a week has passed already! I must admit I’m a sad (it means school will be starting soon), but I’m really excited to continue through the month as I have lots of amazing ARCs planned to read! I didn’t set a number goal for the books to read, but I do have a list of books I’m hoping to get through.

I’m happy with my progress so far for week one…
I read:

(review will be up tomorrow!)

Goals for next week:

I am currently reading Lair of Dreams and hope to finish the monster of a book! And I’m hoping to also breeze through Jennifer E. Smith’s upcoming contemp!

If you’re participating, how’s it going for you so far? What books are you planning on reading?


Week in Review: September 21st A.K.A. The Catch-up Edition

Week in Review

What I Did:

I’m finally back! And when I say back I actually mean it for a long long time this time! Life has really been crazy ever since school started, but most recently especially. School has been a ton of work (I don’t usually have time to read after school anymore because by the time I finish my homework I’m pooped.) And almost two weeks ago, my great aunt passed away — she was very close with my parents, grandpa, aunts and uncles so it really hit our family hard. And that same week I got my beautiful kitten, Clary. So there was something good to come of that week. She’s 11 weeks old now and just precious. She loves sitting on my shoulders or lap while I read, but has her moments where she’s a maniac running around the house! I love her so much and I cannot wait to make tons more wonderful memories with her than I have already!

IMG_4634 IMG_4649

Books I Added to My Shelves:

I haven’t actually bought or received any books in the past two weeks…but I plan to go to the bookstore later today or sometime this week so expect pictures of my most recent purchases to be up on Instagram when I do!

Recently Finished and Currently Reading:

Most recently I just finished reading Zac & Mia by A.J. Betts which I really enjoyed. It was just what I was looking for and I was really in the mood for a hospital/sick book after watching the pilot of Red Band Society on FOX (is that morbid????). Anywho, my review for it will be up on Monday, but *hint* I really really really really liked it!

I’m finally getting around to reading Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. I planned on reading it like a week and a half ago but LIFE UGH. So yes, I am FINALLY reading Lola! YAY!!!

On My Blog (The last two weeks):

So this was my little catch-up edition of Week in Review! I hope you’ve had a wonderful TWO weeks since I’ve been MIA. I’d love to hear what’s new with you all so feel free to comment or tweet me! 😉