In which I become a Senior…

Back to the Books

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post that has been something other than a book review, and while book reviews are GREAT, I wanted to share what’s been happening in my life. In less than two weeks I’ll be going back to school as a senior (!!!), hence I’m taking the time now to write a post before I get waterlogged with work. The summer has been a nice break from the hectic school schedule, but I’m gearing up for college apps, AP classes, and lots of work once more.

This summer I tried to focus my time on blogging, but other than writing reviews, I felt like I was having a hint of the dreaded blogger burnout. I wasn’t coming up with any good ideas to write about, and therefore I just didn’t write posts at all (which helped a lot actually).

While I have been reading tons of YA this summer, I’ve also been doing my summer work for my AP Lit class. You may have noticed if you’re friends with me on Goodreads that I read early on in the summer How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster. I really liked it a lot, and enjoyed his entertaining view on the sometimes dry subject of analyzing lit. Then I continued on to reading Genesis (yes, the Bible), which I have to say lacked the same entertaining flair as Foster’s writing did (haha). You could say I procrastinated a little, but I only just started reading my next book East of Eden by John Steinbeck last week, and am a little more than halfway through it. I read The Grapes of Wrath last summer for another class, and am so happy to find that East of Eden is actually very entertaining and thought provoking. I really am just loving reading to see what other evils Cathy does next (I’m not evil, I promise). After I finish venturing to Eden I’ll move on to The Poisonwood Bible. That’s code for: Emily won’t be reading many more (if any more) books for pleasure this summer.

I have a bunch of September ARCs that I’m hoping to get through amongst the craziness that is life, so keep a look out for more reviews in the near future.

Along with school comes time for college applications. I’m applying to only art schools, which means that I’m still working really hard to get my portfolio together to the best that it can be. Wish me luck! I don’t think there’ll ever be a time in my life that will be as busy as it is right now, but I know it will all pay off in the end!

Thanks for staying with me, and talk soon!xo

How do you bloggers read so much?


I’ve actually been in awe of this for quite some time, but just now did it hit me that I should ask you guys how you’re all doing it. LET ME IN ON YOUR SECRET!

I was reading through all of these weekly wrap up posts (as a book blogger does on the weekend…), and I noticed a trend: You other bloggers read a lot. (Well, duh, Emily, they read a lot. They’re book bloggers…) Right, but I’m a book blogger too, and I know from more personal posts from you guys that you either are high school or college students, or have jobs or kids, or much more important things to do than to read books. BUT YOU MANAGE TO READ LIKE 3 BOOKS A WEEK! I can read 1 to 2 a week (just on the weekends, I don’t really read much during the week because of that thing called school), and that’s depending on my homework and studying situation. Like this weeked, I read about 100 pages of a book I’ve been trying to read for two weeks, and not because the book is bad, I just have no time (or so I think…I’m guessing you all have less time that I do, so that leads me to believe you all have a secret you’re not sharing…*gives you a sideways glance*).

I guess what I’m asking is: how do all of you book bloggers out there with busy lives make time to read throughout the week, and at the magnitude that you do?

With attending a pre-college program this summer for six weeks, senior year next year, and then college the fall after that, I’m getting nervous that I won’t have as much time to read anymore. Just this year I’ve decreased the amount of books that I’ll be able to read from last year, and the year before that. My point is that I want to continue blogging and being able to read throughout my higher educations, but I’m not quite sure how to make it all work…

So what do you guys think? How do you read so much during the busy week?


The Future of Books & Cleverness

Don’t worry — this post isn’t as ominous as the title makes it sound!! I’m writing this in part as a follow-up to my last personal update, and also to make some exciting announcements regarding Books & Cleverness, and its future.

I’ll start with my personal updates. I’ve been doing much better, and my AP exams are this week and next, and then I’m pretty much home free for the end of the school year! So after these next couple of weeks, I’ll most likely be blogging more, but I can’t make any promises. I’m really looking forward to summer, but while I was originally planning on blogging a ton, that will no longer be the case. Why? Well I’ve been accepted to a six week pre-college program basically as soon as school gets out for me. I don’t know as of yet how much free time I’ll have while I’m there, so again, I don’t want to make commitments about the blog. I am SO EXCITED about the program, though!

One thing I do want to announce is that mid-August, when I’m back home, I’m planning to revamp the blog! I’m planning on going self-hosted, custom domain name, pretty blog design, the whole shebang.Ā I am planning on using Ashley when it comes to hosting, themes, domains, etc., and Hazel for a beautiful custom blog design. I’ve already chatted with both and they are wonderful. I cannot wait to start revamping when August rolls around! (I know it’s kind of far in the future, but I really wanted to share the excitement. The blog will be about a year and a half old at that point, which I think is the perfect time to do this!)

I just wanted to post this little update so all of you know what will be happening around my corner of the internet in the coming months! šŸ™‚ There are some fun postsĀ that I have plannedĀ coming up in early May, as well!


On a Personal Note

Recently a lot has been going on in my life, which has resulted in a lack of blog posts and particularly reviews from me. I feel like a lot of other bloggers have shared some more personal posts with their blog readers, and while I have given little tidbits of my life happenings, I haven’t really opened up to you all. I’m also hoping that writing this post will help me through this time in my life, because right now I feel like I’m just snowballing.

As you may remember last year around October I mentioned that I was sick for quite a while. I got whooping cough, which lasts for FOREVER and causes extreme body-shaking coughing. Well, it exhausted me and I missed about a month and a half of school if you add it all up. Being a high school student, that was the worst scenario possible. I’m a fanatic about my grades, and with taking three AP classes this year the whole experience set me back and crushed me. I still maintained a good average, but it was so frustrating because I knew had I been in school I could have been doing so much better. Add to it teachers who were the farthest from understanding, and I became a complete stress-case. Fast forward to just about a month ago — I JUST got caught up with all of my schoolwork from when I was out sick.

The week before my spring break I caught a little something again, but it was nowhere near as serious as before. More work to make up. And the days of school that I’ve missed just keeps adding up. It’s making me not only super stressed about keeping up my grades and getting caught up, but also college applications. I’m stressed over the possibility of schools seeing the number of days that I missed this year.

This cycle just keeps happening and it is exhausting me physically as well as taking a mental toll on me. I was in denial about it for the longest time, but I’m seriously suffering from anxiety and stress. I’ve missed more school days this week because I’ve been so nervous about going back to school and confronting teachers after more days missed. I’ve always suffered from migraines, but this week I’ve had one all day everyday — now the stress is taking a toll on my health. My doctor is working on prescribing me a medication that will help both the headaches and the anxiety, but until then I have to push through on my own.

I think part of my problem is that I’m so focused on my grades, school, etc. I know what I want, and not achieving that because of the stress that keeps consuming me just ADDS to it all. Reading and blogging always helps me cope, but seeing as I’ve missed so much work I don’t have time to do the things that make me feel better. See how it’s turning into a cycle?

I hope this post doesn’t seem whiney, but really I wanted to write this for me. I think putting it all into words helps, and I’m blogging so it’s also calming me down. I’m not in denial about the problem anymore, and I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to face it head on. There is only one quarter left in school for me that I have to make it through and then I’ll be on summer vacation! I’m looking forward to it for many reasons, but I’m really excited that I’ll be doing a six week pre-college program at my dream college. I know that it will be a lot of work and most likely stressful, but it’ll be good stress and lots of excitement!

If you made it this far in this post, thanks for listening to me vent. You’re all amazing and I hope to have a bookish post for you all very soon!


I’m Still Alive, But I’m Barely Blogging

Well hello, everyone! Long time, no posts…

I wanted to write this post to update all of you on what I’ve been reading lately and what’s been going on life-wise, as well as what will be coming up for the blog in the future.

I’ve been super busy, and haven’t had much time to do anything but school work, and other school related activities like prepare for prom, college searches, etc. Therefore, I haven’t gotten the chance to read nor blog pretty much at all since last weekend.

I am getting back into the reading swing, as I’m currently reading two review books, and a book for school: Portraits of Celina by Sue Whiting, Lies I Told by Michelle Zink, and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’m hoping to have reviews of those two review books up on the blog sometime this week.

As for other posts — I don’t plan on writing many non-review posts next week, but my spring break is coming up soon. I’m hoping to get a lot of scheduling (and reading) done during that time. I DO plan on writing my Early Excitement post featuring next months books, though. Those are a blast to write and I love to hear what you guys are anticipating as well. I also hope to catch up on commenting on both this blog and all of yours.

So pretty much expect simply reviews for the next couple of weeks! I don’t like to commit myself to a hiatus because I always end up having time to blog right after I say I won’t be posting for a while. Ironic, I know.

I hope you are all doing well, and feel free to link me to some of your favorite posts in the book blogging world that you’ve seen and want to share! Talk to you all very soon…