Am I Moving on from YA?


This is a question I’ve been trying to answer for myself for a while now. The less I’ve been reading, the more apparent my tastes are becoming, however strange that may seem. But this question came to light again when I heard about Leigh Bardugo’s upcoming book, Ninth House.

I don’t know much about the book, but from what I can tell it follows a college-aged protagonist and confronts some heavier and darker issues than YA often does.

My busy schedule has made me be much more choosey with the books I decide to pick up for pleasure, and I’ve noticed a lot of influences from school coursework and my surroundings being integrated into my new interests. I’ve been reading a lot more non-fiction lately, which I never thought I’d ever say. I’ve also been discovering an interest in philosophy, politics, and bigger (maybe even existential) issues than I had before.

Not that YA doesn’t have its share of books about these topics, but as I’ve grown into an adult, I’m starting to become more interested in books that deal with characters, or perspectives, that I can relate to on a more one to one basis. Continue reading “Am I Moving on from YA?”

Review: Boomerang by Noelle August

18869613Boomerang (Boomerang, #1) by Noelle August

Published June 10, 2014, by William Morrow.

New Adult > Contemporary, Romance


Welcome to, the dating site for the millennial gen with its no-fuss, no-commitments matchups, and where work is steamier than any random hook-up.

Mia Galliano is an aspiring filmmaker. Ethan Vance has just played his last game as a collegiate soccer star. They’re sharp, hungry for success, and they share a secret.

Last night, Ethan and Mia met at a bar, and, well . . . one thing led to another, which led to them waking up the next morning—together. Things turned awkward in a hurry when they found themselves sharing a post hookup taxi . . . to the same place: Boomerang headquarters.

What began as a powerful connection between them is treated to a cold shower courtesy of two major complications. First, Boomerang has a strict policy against co-worker dating. And second, they’re now competitors for only one job at the end of summer.

As their internships come to an end, will they manage to keep their eyes on the future and their hands off each other, or will the pull of attraction put them right back where they started?

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Review: Girl Underwater by Claire Kells

Publisher: Dutton
Release Date: March 31st, 2015
Series: N/A
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover
Source: Wunderkind PR
Genre(s): Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Synopsis from Goodreads:

An adventurous debut novel that cross cuts between a competitive college swimmer’s harrowing days in the Rocky Mountains after a major airline disaster and her recovery supported by the two men who love her—only one of whom knows what really happened in the wilderness.

Nineteen-year-old Avery Delacorte loves the water. Growing up in Brookline, Massachusetts, she took swim lessons at her community pool and captained the local team; in high school, she raced across bays and sprawling North American lakes. Now a sophomore on her university’s nationally ranked team, she struggles under the weight of new expectations but life is otherwise pretty good. Perfect, really.

That all changes when Avery’s red-eye home for Thanksgiving makes a ditch landing in a mountain lake in the Colorado Rockies. She is one of only five survivors, which includes three little boys and Colin Shea, who happens to be her teammate. Colin is also the only person in Avery’s college life who challenged her to swim her own events, to be her own person—something she refused to do. Instead she’s avoided him since the first day of freshman year. But now, faced with sub-zero temperatures, minimal supplies, and the dangers of a forbidding nowhere, Avery and Colin must rely on each other in ways they never could’ve imagined.

In the wilderness, the concept of survival is clear-cut. Simple. In the real world, it’s anything but.

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Special thanks to Wunderkind PR for providing me with a copy of the book for review!

When I got the email asking me if I would like to read and review Girl Underwater I was really excited. It seemed just like the kind of book that I would love. The synopsis was awesome, and I was completely sold. I went on Goodreads to check it out and saw that it had a high rating, but scattered among them were some really negative reviews. While I completely disagree with giving this book a low rating (as I really enjoyed it), those reviews helped me know what to expect from Girl Underwater. The synopsis may give you the impression that this is more of a survival story. While that aspect is a part of the story, the bulk of it is about the relationship between the main character, Avery, and Colin.

Having known ahead of time that the story was largely going to be a romance with a side of survival and action allowed me to enjoy the book for all that it was. I went in expecting an emotional PTSD romance, and that’s what I got!

The chapters in Girl Underwater alternate between the past and the present, which created a story that was fast paced and entertaining. It also created a sense of mystery surrounding what Avery kept from the reader that happened between her and Colin after the plane crash.

The book was a very emotional read, more so that I was expecting. Avery battles severe PTSD after the accident along with struggling to come to terms with her emotions regarding the little boys she helped keep alive, and of course Colin.

At first I found Avery and Colin’s relationship to be a little confusing. I wasn’t exactly sure why they acted the way they did with each other due to the alternating chapters of past and present, but it’s clarified as you read further into the book. I was really rooting for the two of them to make it through their hardships together!

The ending was left open, but the epilogue clears things up and left me very happy and satisfied. I liked how we could use our imagination to fill in the blanks from where the book left off and where the epilogue wraps up.

While Girl Underwater is classified as New Adult, I found it to read much like Young Adult, and could definitely cross over. I strongly enjoyed this book. It was fast paced, emotional, while still action-packed and sometimes sexy! Girl Underwater is everything I look for in a great read!


Review: Volition by Lily Paradis

Publisher: Empire Books
Release Date: February 9th, 2015
Series: N/A
Pages: 309
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Genre(s): Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Synopsis from Goodreads:

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that stays with you, then tears you apart slowly at first, and all at once shreds every fiber of your being?

It’s because you’re contradicting the universe.

Everything lines up so perfectly that you couldn’t have imagined it to work out better, but then you have to go and do everything humanly possible to ruin it because you can’t stand to have it go right?

That’s what I did.

I did it because there’s a darkness that surrounds me, and I think I want it there.

My name is Tate McKenna, and my soul is blacker than my heart.

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Special thanks to Empire Books for providing me with an advance copy of the book for review!

I want to start this review by saying this: my review will be pretty vague in that it’s just one of those books you can’t really talk about, but have to read it for yourself to really understand. I also know that both the author and the publisher wanted everyone that decided to pick up Volition to go in pretty blind, so for those two reasons, this review will most likely be me telling you to go and read this book NOW.

I know author’s notes don’t really count as a part of the story, but I urge you to read the note from Lily Paradis to us, her readers, at the beginning of Volition. She sets you up for what’s to come, and I think it really affected my reading of the story.

So, Volition. It’s twisted, emotional, different, and will tear your soul out. It’s extremely addicting, and I put it down for only necessary functions such as eating and sleep. When I wasn’t reading this book it was consuming my thoughts. Not only is the story a beautiful one of love, soul-mates, relationships, and self-discovery, but the writing is darkly poetic.

I’ll say this flat out before I say any more: This isn’t a book for everyone. There’s a love triangle, but not your typical one. Everything about Volition is so much in the gray areas you just have to read it for yourself.

Being inside Tate’s mind is like being inside no other character I’ve ever read before. She’s not a character that you fall in love with because of her personality. She’s dark and negative, but being that Volition is written for the most part from her perspective you understand why she’s this way. You better understand the love triangle, and if you’re like me, you’ll be okay with it. (Not going to lie I was rooting for the other guy to be with Tate, though).

All in all, Volition was like no other book I had experienced before. It was so different and intense and I hurt while I was reading it. As Tate would say, my soul ached.

(I give this book all the stars in the world.)


Review: Ignite by Lily Paradis

A Quick Update:

Hi everyone! I want to apologize in this post in addition to my Tweet about the lack of posts this week. It was my first week of school this week and I am just trying to get back in the swing of things for the year, so bear with me while I do so! I am currently about halfway through a book and I hope to have my review of it up for you guys on Monday, which is later than I had hoped, but so it is. I also hope to take this bit of time that I have to myself to schedule some posts, catch up on comments, and get some reading done now while I can. So, sorry again for the lack of posts…This may happen more often but the only posts you may not see around as much are TTT posts and WoW posts as they’re not very original. I do have some totally original discussions written up in a notebook, but I just have to find time to type ’em up and schedule ’em! 

Publisher: Empire Books
Release Date: August 26th, 2014
Pages: 249
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Series: Ignite, #1
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Synopsis from Goodreads:

After her father’s untimely demise in a mining accident and her mother’s abandonment, Lauren Lindsay is no stranger to loss. She’s used to living life for one person: herself. That is, until another family tragedy thrusts three children into her care and uproots her life in ways she could never imagine.

Lauren’s first instinct is to run, until she meets their striking, mysterious neighbor Dean Powell. Their immediate chemistry and his connection with her late father just might be enough to keep her in town long enough to uncover pieces of her past that she never had answers to. Dean’s shady past and her reluctance to trust him could cost her the life she’s always been searching for, but will she run back to her old life?

Or will she choose to stay and live the life her father always imagined for her?

my rambles
Special thanks to Empire Books and Lily Paradis for providing me with an advance copy for review!

Ignite was just what I was in the mood for after reading a bunch of fantasy books! I’m not going to lie, I devoured the majority of this book in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep the night before my birthday, and I really enjoyed it!

One thing that I thought Lily Paradis did a wonderful job with was writing this young adult categorized book, but with new adult aged characters! I am definitely that girl that has steered away from the new adult genre because of it being notorious for having excessive sex and unrelatable characters for me who’s still in high school. So I give Lily Paradis props for writing this book the way she did, and I loved that part about the book.

Another thing that I liked was how there was the romance, which obviously is a large part of the story, but there was also a sidestory going on that was more serious. Some family secrets and drama never hurt a story! Seeing Lauren deal with the situations in the book definitely gave her character more depth and made the story seem less cheesy than the direction it could have gone.

Now, of course I must mention the ROMANCE! Ahhhh can I just have a Dean for myself, please and thanks?! Talk about a swoony boy…Dean Powell has now been added to my list of about a million book boyfriends. He and Lauren were such an entertaining pair, not just during the romance-y scenes, but also the bantering and just conversations in general.

The reason I knocked off a star was for just two reasons: pointless fighting and a little bit of cheese. A bunch of times in the book Lauren seems to just get angry and upset for the slightest reasons. While it wasn’t a huge deal to me, I just didn’t really understand why she got upset to the level she did over things so…small. And yes, I mentioned before that this wasn’t as cheesy as it could have been, but it was still a bit cheesy…but in that guilty pleasure, adorable, giggly kind of way.

But overall, I really really enjoyed Ignite! If you’re in the mood for a cute contemporary with a little older characters, but minus the new adult notoriousness, this is the book for you! I am definitely looking forward to reading the sequel/companion to this one Archlight, which tells the same story from Dean’s POV. I’ve never read two separate books that are the same story told from different POVs before, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store!