Early Excitement | Auto-Buy Authors and the Far-Away ’18s

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Note: This post was pre-written in August as I am currently away at school. At the time of writing, all of these books had yet to be released.

I briefly started including anticipated releases and new books on my radar in my Month in Review posts. But, I found that I had too much fun chatting about them for only a small section in those posts. So, I return to my Early Excitement posts! Instead of only talking about next month’s new releases, though, I’m including whatever upcoming books grabbed my attention recently (which were a lot)! I apologize, there’s no order to the release dates for these books, either. Oops.

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4 Stories to Binge until the Next Episode of THE BOLD TYPE!

The Bold Type image via Freeform.com
The Bold Type image via Freeform.com.

Freeform’s The Bold Type has taken TV by storm. It’s my (and many many other women’s) current summer TV obsession, and if it’s not yours it totally should be. Go watch it! Oh so current, fun, and more important than ever, this show tackles topics young women in the professional workforce, and so much more.

So, if like me, 9PM on Tuesdays can’t come fast enough, or you’re just eager for more feel-good and real stories about today’s young women, look no further! I’ve got 4 stories to fill The Bold Type void until next week’s episode.

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Review: Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood


27015393Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood

Published May 3, 2017, by Sourcebooks Fire.

YA > Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Romance


The summer before Ivy’s senior year is going to be golden; all bonfires, barbeques, and spending time with her best friends. For once, she will just get to be. No summer classes, none of Granddad’s intense expectations to live up to the family name. For generations, the Milbourn women have lead extraordinary lives—and died young and tragically. Granddad calls it a legacy, but Ivy considers it a curse. Why else would her mother have run off and abandoned her as a child?

But when her mother unexpectedly returns home with two young daughters in tow, all of the stories Ivy wove to protect her heart start to unravel. The very people she once trusted now speak in lies. And all of Ivy’s ambition and determination cannot defend her against the secrets of the Milbourn past….

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