Book to Movie Adaptations: In theaters, In production, In my dreams.

Book to movie adaptations have become a hugely talked about topic among the world of YA readers. So, I thought it only right to share my thoughts on what’s happening now, what’s happening soon, and what will probably never happen, but I’d love it if it did!

In theaters now / in the near future

The Giver

I read the book when I was in elementary school, and while I haven’t reread it since, this trailer is a very poor depiction of the book I remember reading. In my opinion of course. I was happy to hear that they decided to edit it in black and white, but the choice of actors I wasn’t very happy with. Brenton Thwaites is like 25, who is playing an (aged up) 12-year-old character. Oh, and Taylor Swift is in this. While I’m a Swiftie, I’m also a hardcore book person (obviously), and the two just don’t mix. When she appears on screen I’ll immediately start singing one of her songs in my head and asking myself why her lips aren’t red and she’s not with her cats. I still plan to see the movie, but I don’t expect much.

If I Stay

I haven’t read this book, and I’m not sure I plan to. I mentioned before in a different post my disapproval of Chloë Grace Moretz, but also I’m just not sure what to feel about the movie. Seeing as I haven’t read the book this isn’t surprising, but I haven’t rushed out and read the book in order to go see the movie like I did with The Maze Runner, which I’ll talk about next. So, yeah, just meh feelings on this one. Will I see it? Probably not.

The Maze Runner

It’s not often that a movie trailer made me want to read a book. It’s also very unlikely that I want to read a book for the sole reason that there is an actor I especially like in the movie. Except for this one. Dylan O’brien, I owe you one. I recently read the book (REVIEW HERE) in order to prepare myself for the movie. My excitement just keeps growing, and it’s not because I’ll get to see 2 hours straight of Dylan’s perfect face. Okay, well, maybe a little. Anyway… This trailer was freaking awesome, and it was the sole reason I read this book when I did.

Mockingjay, Pt. 1

I’m still a little iffy on why they decided to split this one into two parts, but I must admit, the trailer looks great! I’m really excited to see this one. Although I didn’t like the book, I do want to see how the movie is.

In production / optioned

The 5th Wave

I really enjoyed this book (although I thought it was overhyped), but I don’t know about it being a movie. And I’m not a fan of the cast so far at all. Ugh. Chloë Grace Moretz again. She’s becoming the next Shailene Woodley, but Shailene is awesome and I love her.


Image from Page to Premiere

In short: why is this even happening? This was a book that I read a long time ago and I loved it at the time. And looking back now I don’t even like to admit that I loved it. What was my problem? There’s not a single reviewer that I know that has read and enjoyed this book, and I totally get why. What I don’t get is why this is being made into a movie…?

Paper Towns

I haven’t read this book yet, but I know that if it’s anywhere as popular as TFiOS, this movie will be a hit with me, and everyone else!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

As the book is already so visual, I think this movie will be a huge success. I read this one recently and I cannot wait to learn more about the movie and it’s cast. I think Tim Burton is directing so if that’s indicating the level of amazing for this movie at all, I don’t know what is!

The Night Circus

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I think that with the right people this book will make a masterpiece on the big screen and will be absolutely magical.

In my dreams


I really loved this book when I read it earlier this summer and I could totally see this as being a lifetime movie or something of the sorts.

The Selection

I know what happened. I read that hideous god-awful script of the pilot that was to air on The CW. I was horrified. BUT I do still this that this would make an amazing TV show if the right people did it and kept it to the book. But, with so many failed attempts I don’t think it will ever get a chance.

So, let’s discuss! I want to hear your thoughts on book to movie adaptations. What books do you think would make good movies?

xo, emily

Week in Review: August 10th

Week in Review

Week in Review is a weekly post in which I wrap up what’s happening in my life, in books, and in blogging (inspired by Anna @ Anna Reads)!

What I Did:

Sooo… my reading this week hasn’t been as gusto as I had hoped it could have been. I was at AP Art Camp every day this week from 8 in the morning to 12 noon drawing and believe it or not, it’s really tiring! But I won’t go on and list all of the excuses that I could for why I didn’t read as much as normal during my own read-a-thon. :/

It was my mom’s birthday this week so we went shopping, out to dinner and dessert and had a blast! Other than that there wasn’t much else notable in my week. It just went by so fast, kind of a blur, and it’s hard to remember everything.

Links I Loved:

  • This is an older article, but with all of the If I Stay movie talk at the moment, this article came to my attention. I was thinking about writing a whole post refuting Chloë Grace Moretz’s statement about the YA genre, but I just decided to write about it here in a few words to her. Chloë, that statement didn’t expose the shallow YA books, but rather your shallowness. There are many books like what she describes in the YA genre, sure, but also in Adult, too. It doesn’t mean that the whole genre is like that. Did you wear blinders through The Fault in Our Stars? What about The Hunger Games? Sure, there’s a love triangle, but there’s much more to the story of THG than that. If you can’t see that, than maybe you should be rethinking that statement you made, because clearly you’re the one who is “pathetic,” as you described it.

Forman’s novel might occupy a certain part of the bookstore, but Moretz doesn’t love the “young adult” designation. She thinks it diminishes the book’s value. “What’s interesting about Gayle’s novel is that it’s not really that YA. It deals with issues that are much bigger…it’s much darker than I think most YA is,” says Moretz. “I want people to walk in and feel like they actually felt something, and learned something, and realized something different about life that’s more than just, ‘Oh, I saw this love triangle and it’s super sad because she chose the guy I didn’t like. And then the movie was over.’ And you’re like, ‘Okay, that’s pathetic.’ You want to watch something that actually means something and makes you feel and makes you want to be involved. That’s what I wanted to make and that’s what I strive to make.”

-Entertainment Weekly article

  • Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books is looking for a co-blogger! She runs a fabulous blog so head on over if you think you may be interested. Or, head over just because her blog is awesome! 😉
  • The Delirious Reader shared that she is a mood reader! I totally understand her frustration as I am a TOTAL mood reader. It definitely makes it a little more challenging to be a book reviewer.
  • Rachel @ Confessions of a Book Geek did a second “Sharing the Bloggy Love” post featuring more bloggers! Go forth and discover new blogs!
  • Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings started a new feature called “Flames to Embers” where she showcases books she requested but then lost interest in reader after a while. I think that’s such a great idea to narrow down the books that she may still want to pick up after other people’s comments!

Books I Added to My Shelves:

*thinks hard* Oh my gosh. I. Did. Not. Get. Any. More. Books. This. Week. AHHH! What an accomplishment! I restrained myself from requesting NetGalley or Edelweiss review copies! YAY! 😀

Recently Finished and Currently Reading:

I whizzed through Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, finishing it yesterday morning. I then veered away from my TBR for my #DustingofftheShelf read-a-thon to pick up Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. Still blowing the dust off of this one as I’ve had it for a while so I’m not cheating, promise! 😉

On My Blog:

A lot less posts this week, but hopefully I’ll be back in full swing next week. Nothing planned so plenty of reading and blogging time! 😀

How was your week?! Let me know all about it in the comments!

xo, emily