In which I gush about…everything The Fault in Our Stars!

In which I gush about...

This will be a spoiler-free post!

John GreenLet me tell you a story…

Unlike most people, my love for The Fault in Our Stars was not immediate. I hadn’t already been a fan of John Green’s writing, nor had I been eagerly anticipating the release of TFiOS. In fact, before even hearing about TFiOS before it’s release I was completely unaware of John Green, himself. I am ashamed that I was once so out of the loop in the book community. That was before blogging happened to me though. A story for another day.

I looked into this new book by this supposed ‘genius’ of an author and after reading the synopsis I immediately said to myself, “I am never going to read this book.” About a year went by with people, even friends of mine that didn’t read books, saying, “Oh Emily, you HAVE to read this book it’s amazing!” which of course I had been hearing from everyone else online in the book community. That just deterred me from reading it even more. I was nervous because it was a book that was way out of my fantastical dystopian comfort zone and so hyped I felt like it would never live up to my ever-growing expectations for it. I absolutely hate sad books, because, well they make me sad, obviously.

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