Honesty Hour: Top [Nine] Book Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

Top [Nine] Book Blogging Confessions

  1. I’ve had two other blogs prior to this one! I actually got into blogging about 2 years ago, and have attempted at blogging before, but so far this has been my most successful and enjoyable attempt. I love Books & Cleverness, and all of the wonderful people I’ve gotten the chance to meet and interact with because of it!
  2. I don’t schedule posts more than a week out at most. This is mainly because I’m a HUGE procrastinator, but I like to write my posts close to when they will go up on the blog as well. I want the blog to be current and up to date with my life, too!
  3. I’m really shy, so I’m using blogging as a tool to get me to open up a bit more. Every time one of you guys comments on a post, Tweets me, etc. I always think twice before I post or send. I’m trying to use blogging as a tool to help me interact more and be more “outgoing” in a way, than I was before. It’s also really helped my confidence – so thank YOU for helping do that!
  4. None of my family knows about this blog. Or any of the others. I don’t know why I choose to keep it a secret, but I just do. I like to keep my blogging life and my “real” life separate. I’m really not sure how my family would react to knowing that I blog. I may tell them in the future, but for right now I keep it to myself and a select few friends.
  5. I got more into reading and books AFTER I began blogging. It has really opened my eyes about the world of publishing, and the community of people that are like me when it comes to books. Seeing everyones passion toward reading and blogging caused me to delve even deeper into the world of books, authors, publishers, and of course: bloggers.
  6. I watch a LOT of BookTube. If you’re not aware, there is also a HUGE book-loving community on YouTube. I got into watching BookTube videos around the same time I started to realize book blogging was actually a “thing.” To this day I still watch a TON of people’s videos on YouTube. If you’re new to them search things like “book haul” or “bookshelf tour” in YouTube to kickstart some people to watch. I would also love to recommend you some BookTuber’s too!
  7. My favorite kind of posts to write are reviews. This may be obvious, but I really do love writing them. They’re the reason why I started blogging. While I do enjoy writing posts that are features and memes, reviews remain my favorite.
  8. I’m obsessive when it comes to checking my blog’s Twitter, Goodreads, or any other social media platform you can think of. I have come to LOVE interacting with you guys, and it still surprises and excites me to know that you like doing the same with me. ❤
  9. It only takes me about 20 minutes to write a post! I know some bloggers can spend hours on a post. If that’s you, I applaud your patience and dedication! I tend to only take about 20 minutes to a half hour when I write a post, but that’s mainly because I don’t really revise/edit them. I normally write my thoughts down on paper first, and by that time I have my ideas fleshed out, I know what I’m going to say, and I just write.

So, spill! What are your secrets when it comes to book blogging?

xo, emily