Review: My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Release Date: October 9th, 2014
Series: N/A
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover
Source: Gifted
Genre(s): Anthology, Christmas, Contemporary Romance, New Years
Synopsis from Goodreads:

If you love holiday stories, holiday movies, made-for-TV-holiday specials, holiday episodes of your favorite sitcoms and, especially, if you love holiday anthologies, you’re going to fall in love with MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME: TWELVE HOLIDAY STORIES by twelve bestselling young adult writers, edited by international bestselling author Stephanie Perkins.

my rambles

As this is an anthology with twelve different stories and authors, I’ll be writing a few sentences on each to share my thoughts with you! I’ll give a rating to each story and then an overall rating at the end.

“Midnights” by Rainbow Rowell
This was such a great story to start out the book with. Rainbow Rowell’s story was cute, and everything that she is known for. I immediately loved the characters, and I didn’t want this story to end. But when it did, I was left smiling in true Rainbow Rowell fashion.

“The Lady and the Fox” by Kelly Link
I had never heard of Kelly Link before reading this story, and while I liked it, her writing was a little hard to love. This was a fantasy-romance story stuck amongst a book full of contemporary, so there was something magical and dreamlike about it. Still, I wasn’t a huge fan of the characters. But it definitely has a magical Christmas feel to it.

“Angels in the Snow” by Matt de la Peña
I had never read any of Matt de la Peña’s work before, but I did really like this story. It was cute, but a little predictable. There was drama, and things progressed pretty quickly, but I still really enjoyed it!

“Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me” by Jenny Han
I was really disappointed with this story. I love Jenny Han — I’m obsessed with pretty much all of her books. Her story was so short, and while it was cute, I just wasn’t feeling it. I was hoping and expecting a romance that would make me all swoony but I didn’t get that at all with this one, unfortunately. 😦

“It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown” by Stephanie Perkins
While I was really looking forward to Jenny Han’s story, Stephanie Perkins was the one that I was oh so eager to get to. And all I can say is asdfghjkl. This. Story. I would be so happy if it continued on for a full length book because: A. The characters were so awkward and wonderful and NORTH. He was so SWOONY. and B. I liked this story just as I liked Anna & Etienne and Lola & Cricket and Isla & Josh. So I guess this is kind of like me begging Stephanie Perkins to continue writing their story as a full length book? Please, and thank you.

“Your Temporary Santa” by David Levithan
After everything I’ve heard about how David Levithan is such an amazing author, I can say I was extremely let down by this story. It was cute, but it didn’t really have a beginning-middle-end thing going on. I didn’t see the progression or point. Cute, but definitely my least favorite so far.

“Krampuslauf” by Holly Black
Another disappointing story, although I wasn’t expecting Holly Black’s writing to be anything like an ordinary holiday romance. This story was strange, but I kind of liked it! Definitely not a story you’d expect to see in a holiday anthology, but it was unique and spiced things up a bit.

“What the Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth?” by Gayle Forman
I really enjoyed this one! Having never read Gayle Forman’s writing before I really liked it and her characters. It wasn’t my favorite, but one of the stories from the book that I particularly enjoyed!

“Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus” by Myra McEntire
This was another really cute story! I love Myra McEntire, but have never read anything of the contemporary genre from her, so this was a pleasant surprise! The characters were cute and it was one of those opposites attract stories that you can’t help but love.

“Welcome to Christmas, CA” by Kiersten White
This story was really heartwarming and very holiday-ish. That’s all I can really say about it! Very cute.

“Star of Bethlehem” by Ally Carter
I would have to put this story right up there with some of my other favorites from the anthology! And the ending was so hopeful for the holidays, I just couldn’t help but love it! And Ethan = SWOON. I’m definitely eager to check out more of Ally Carter’s books after EVERYONE has been telling me they’re so fun!

“The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer” by Lani Taylor
This one wasn’t a very holiday-ish story either, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very magical and fantastical — could easily be freestanding.

A wonderful collection of holiday stories from such wonderful authors, that will be sure to entertain and fill your heart with holiday delight!


Week in Review: 12/28/14 (on a Monday!)

Week in Review

In Life

Christmas has come and gone in a whirlwind of family fun and holiday cheer! I’m sad it’s over but I still have another week off for New Year’s and I’m loving to be able to spend my days mostly in my pajamas. I’m getting lots of reading and blogging done which is great, and I’ve scheduled my 2015 Blogging Resolutions post for next week.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make my blog original and more unique. You’ll read more about this kind of thing when it’s published, but also just having a set time or day of the week to focus completely on blogging in order to put out better content. I won’t be posting as frequently during the week in the new year, and to start it off I’ve cut back on memes (see my Early Excitement post).

Well now I’m getting into blogging in my LIFE section…

I’ve been really loving to drink Chai lately, although it’s been about 4o degrees. Today it was almost 60! I miss the snow and was sad we didn’t have a white Christmas. 😦 That’s about the only time I enjoy it. But it’s snowing here on the blog!

Sometime this weekend my parents and I are hoping to go to the movies and see Unbroken! It looks amazing and after reading the book I’m very excited! Have any of you seen it? What did you think?

In Books

New Books

Since it was Christmas and I got A LOT of books, I have posted a separate book haul that you can check out if you want to see all the new goodies.

Recently Finished and Currently Reading

Yesterday I finished Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton which I really enjoyed! It wasn’t your average fantasy read; it was very new and refreshing! My review will be up on January 27th! Last night I started My True Love Gave to Me edited by Stephanie Perkins! I’ve heard great things and I wanted to read it during the holidays. After that I’m thinking of reading Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott — I can’t wait!!!

In Blogging

Around the Blogosphere

Here at Books & Cleverness

How was your week? I’d love to chat with you in the comments!


I found some books under my Christmas tree…

Merry Christmas

I had a lovely day of actually getting up later than normal, a leisurely morning of opening presents with my parents and Clary (it was her first ever Christmas!), and then a fun afternoon and evening spent with family at my grandparent’s house! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and got lots of books of course! I just had to show you the goodies that I found under the Christmas tree this year!

Twas the night before Christmas…

Actually on Christmas Eve I received a package from Scholastic with one of my most anticipated books of next year:

Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott, the sequel to Fire & Flood!

As you can read in my review (^) I really loved the first book and that ending was amazing! I cannot wait to dive into this one VERY soon (so probably NEXT)!

Christmas Day

From my amazing parents:


My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins
Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth (signed)
Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld (signed)
Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton (signed)
Harry Potter: The Creature Vault by Jody Revenson
The World of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

The three signed books were ones I knew about that I got at B&N on Black Friday and I can’t wait to finally have them to read! MTLGTM looks adorable! I normally don’t read anthologies or story collections, but there is something about holiday ones…(I’ve read Let It Snow by John Green & Friends, too). As for the two “keepsake” kind of books, I’m already loving paging through them and just randomly reading pages!

From my wonderful grandparents:


A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
Diamonds in the Rough by Michelle Madow
The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin
Sanctum by Madeleine Roux
The Hogwarts Library Collection by J.K. Rowling

I CAN FINALLY READ MORE GoT! It’s been over a year since I finished ASoS, so it is way past time that I get to reading this one! I also wanted The Ice Dragon because it’s set in the same world as GoT. I can’t get enough… Sanctum and Diamonds in the Rough are both sequels that I’ve been DYING to get my hands on so I’m a very happy camper!

I hope you all had lovely days, and if you still have people to celebrate with like I do — enjoy it!

What did you guys get for Christmas, if you celebrate?


Week in Review: 12/21/14 — The One With Lots of New Books!

Week in Review

In Life

I’m finally on Christmas break! I made it!!! It’s only day two of break for me and I’m already having a blast relaxing and doing nothing but prepare for Christmas and read. I haven’t had this much time to do whatever I want since the summer…

My family and I finished decorating our Christmas tree yesterday, and we’re doing some last-minute things today, but other than that we’re enjoying the season (even if we don’t have any snow).

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, and a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)!

In Books

Some new goodies…

I actually have quite a lot of books to share with you considering Christmas hasn’t happened yet. My BookOutlet order from Black Friday finally arrived, and I went to the library earlier in the week and unexpectedly picked up two books, and publishers are awesome and I got a couple eARCs recently.

From the BookOutlet Black Friday sale:


Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick
The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman
The Blessed by Tonya Hurley

From the library:


Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
Cress by Marissa Meyer

From publishers:


Kalahari by Jessica Khoury (Thanks to Penguin First To Read)
Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton (Thanks to Delacorte Press and NetGalley)

What I’ve Been Reading

I just finished this morning Isla, which Ohmygosh I loved so much. Not only just for Isla and Josh but also the ending with the wonderfully amazing, dream fulfilling cameos of Anna & Etienne and Lola & Cricket. Seriously, Stephanie Perkins knows how to write a romance. (Review sometime next week.)

I’m also reading Cursed Beauty, which is a novella. The author was lovely and contacted me to see if I would like to read and review it. It’s a Cinderella retelling, and so far I’m quite enjoying it! (Review sometime this week.)

In Blogging

I feel like I keep saying this but I didn’t have the time to read many of your blogs lately. But now that break is here I’m eager to catch up on what’s been happening with you all lately and leave some comments of my own! I’m also almost done with responding to comments on this blog. (YAY!!)

Here at Books & Cleverness

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and are enjoying your holidays! Stay tuned for more posts, reviews, and year-end posts these next two weeks! I’m really looking forward to 2015.