August 2017 in Review | Back to School & No Promises

Note: This post was written before the actual end of August! When you’re reading this it’ll already be September 1st, and I’ll be in crazy mode packing to leave for school.

August was a wonderful month, but busy nonetheless. I’m mentally and physically preparing myself to head back to school (and reality), packing, and trying to enjoy the very last bits of my summer. This summer actually carries a lot of weight for me because, if all goes well, this will have been my last full summer at home, ever. I’m an adult, people! And adults get internships, which is my goal for next year, and every year after that until I get a job. But let’s not move too quickly into the future!

Life & Everything Else:

As I just said, I’ve been really busy prepping for back to school. My month really only consisted of shopping, reading, blogging, packing and shopping some more! I did get to spend some time with friends before they went back to their schools.

I’ve been keeping up with my summer TV shows: The Bold Type, Younger, and Teen Wolf. I’ve been listening to TSwift’s new single on repeat (please don’t judge). I’m enjoying watching the U.S. Open, but am sad that Andy Murray had to withdrawal. Yet, there’s still Rafa and Federer! I’m also thrilled that Maria Sharapova got the luck of the draw, and is back competing!

Read & Reviewed:

I read 8 books in total, this month. 5 physical books, and 3 eBooks. Not bad!

Favorites: A Fierce and Subtle Poison by Samantha Mabry, Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan | Least Favorites: With Malice by Eileen Cook

Other Reading-Related News:


I surpassed my Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal of 20 books this month! I know, this was a really wimpy goal. But, with only three full months guaranteed that I now have of reading in a year, I had to think reasonably.

I also worked super hard this summer getting my NetGalley ratio up past 80%! I believe it’s currently at 84%, which makes me oh so happy, after months of it being in the 70s. I really stuck to my plan to not request, or buy, new books. So, I’ve been reading off of my bookshelves and NOOK. My plan is to get it up to 90% before I request anything else.

Other Postings:

Site Announcements:

It is with a heavy heart that I let you guys know that I’m not making any promises about being around here once I move back to school for the semester. I’ll be on hiatus until either Thanksgiving or Christmas break in either November or December. I really don’t know how some of you bloggers do it — college and blogging. But I know me and my experience, and that I can’t spread myself too thin. While I’m at school, I worry about school, and blogging and reading are on the back-burner.

All that being said, I’ve been working extra hard this summer to try and write lots of posts, so that Books & Cleverness doesn’t go completely dark like last time! As of right now I have the month of September completely scheduled and have posts drafted for the entire month of October. I’m working on finishing those up so that I can have those scheduled before I leave. They won’t always be reviews, but instead discussions, recommendations, and other fun things! My posting schedule will gradually decrease from two posts a week, to once a week by the end of September through October, but it’s better than nothing!

As commenting and social media go: I’ll try my best to respond, and be active!

Currently Reading & Up Next:

Nothing! Well, if you count my graphic design textbooks, that’s something! When I’m back from hiatus in November or December I’ll let you know!

I hope you all had a wonderful August, and have a great September and October! I’m going to miss the days filled with reading and blogging, and of course chatting with all of you! Do be sure to keep an eye out for my posts in September and October, though! I’m quite proud of them, and they’re some of my favorite recent posts. πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “August 2017 in Review | Back to School & No Promises

  1. Ahh good luck at college! I’m about to head back for my second year but it’s different (and definitely less full on!) here in the UK. I carry on blogging almost daily when I’m there – but I really struggle fitting it all in!

  2. Best of luck at college! Going to college and blogging at the same time can be difficult, especially at first when you’re getting used to the transition. Usually I scheduled MANY posts in advance for the months I’ll be gone and then I just periodically check up on things and reply to comments while I’m at school. It’s a lot of work during summer/winter breaks, but I’ve found that it’s the solution that works best for me πŸ™‚

  3. I get that college and blogging can be difficult and tough to balance so take all the time you need. Congrats on your GR goal – that is awesome! My Netgalley ratio is on like 50%. Sadly so many of my galleys I left for so long they’re archived so I need to up my game! Past 80% JUST WOW. Good luck for september!

  4. Good luck with college! I’m starting my final year of high school this year and I need to get really good grades so I doubt I’ll have a lot of reading time this year. -_-

    AHHH you read And I Darken!!! What did you think?!

    I didn’t like Taylor Swift’s new song at first but now I really like it! I’m currently listening to the Red album and ahh, she’s such a good musician!

    1. Thanks, Kyra! Best of luck to you with your last year of high school!

      I honestly didn’t love And I Darken :O I think part of it was because it wasn’t quite what I was expecting…

      YES! I’ve been going back and listening to her older albums too. Red and Speak Now are basically classics!

  5. Good luck at college!
    You watch the Bold Type as well, I love that show, Kat is definitely my favorite, her fiery personality never fails to amaze me!
    Great post!

  6. No judgements here- I am obsessed with the new T Swift song and listened to it on repeat in the car for 4 hours last week lol (nothing like a long car trip to help you memorize a song). Also, I read With Malice last summer (it was a cover buy, I will admit) and I will admit I was terribly disappointed with it- I was really hoping it was going to be more like Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas!

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