What Does YA Stand For?


Not too long ago I got a very exciting email from Scholastic, letting me know all about the return of their I Read YA festivities again for a week this summer! It’s a week of fun challenges for us YA-lovers to celebrate the books we adore, taking place July 10th-17th. This year’s theme is #YAStandsFor, and they’re asking what YA means to us!

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To kick off the week, today I’m discussing what I feel YA stands for, and what YA has meant to me throughout my time reading YA books!

To me personally, YA stands for an escape. I’ve always longed for the moments when I could hide away with a good book and travel to fantastical worlds. I think I’m not alone in that sentiment! It’s been with me through the rough times when I wanted to clear my head and not think about real life for a while. But it’s also been with me for many good times too; it’s connected me to so many other wonderful readers through blogging, chatting in the bookstore, meeting authors, and publishers. It’s allowed me to relate to characters, and aspire to be like others. It’s taught me so many new things about the world, whether it be opening my eyes to diversity, the LGBTQ+ community, etc. It’s brought me joy, and yes, it’s even brought me heartache, because YA books are like none other in that they touch on such vulnerable emotions that make readers truly feel. I strongly believe that YA has made me a more open person and that I would definitely not be the same person I am today without it.

On a larger scale, I believe YA is coming to represent the voice of our young adult generation, and also to shape it. YA stands for diversity, inclusivity, opportunity, equal rights, change… It’s at the forefront of literature today, garnering recognition because of its willingness to push boundaries and tackle topics that haven’t been discussed before.

Want to join in on the fun? Participate in the daily challenges on your social media accounts! Scholastic will also be posting exclusive author videos and hosting giveaways throughout the week!

**Please tag @IreadYA and use the hashtag #YAStandsFor on Twitter and Instagram when participating in their daily social challenges**

 Monday, July 10: Tell us what you believe #YAStandsFor

Tuesday, July 11: Tell us about the YA book that helped you find your voice

Wednesday, July 12: Give a shout-out to your favorite fictional literary hero

Thursday, July 13: Swap a YA book about the positive power of friendship with your bestie

Friday, July 14: Create a graphic showcasing an inspirational YA quote

Saturday, July 15: Choose a YA book and share 3 important life lessons you took away from reading it

Sunday, July 16: Acknowledge a YA book you believe should be taught in high schools

Monday, July 17: Snap a pic of the YA book you believe everyone needs to read

I hope you’ll join me in participating in the fun that Scholastic has planned! I’ll be posting more discussions, and participating in the challenges throughout the week here on the blog, Twitter, and Instagram!

4 thoughts on “What Does YA Stand For?

  1. I love YA for those reasons too. I love how the books teach me so much, they give me a world to escape into, they make me feel understood and they make me understand. I’m so glad I’m a YA reader!

  2. I guess we have quite similar thoughts when it comes to YA books! I read all kinds of genres, but whenever I truly want to escape I pick up a YA read no matter what genre it belongs to. Such a great way to relax and forget about reality for a while! 😀

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