Review: Trusting You and Other Lies by Nicole Williams

32441709Trusting You and Other Lies by Nicole Williams

To be published June 20, 2017, by Crown Books for Young Readers.

YA > Contemporary, Romance


USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Nicole Williams delivers a seductive summer romance worth swooning over. Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Stephanie Perkins.

Phoenix can’t imagine anything worse than being shipped off to family summer camp. Her parents have been fighting for the past two years—do they seriously think being crammed in a cabin with Phoenix and her little brother, Harry, will make things better?

On top of that, Phoenix is stuck training with Callum—the head counselor who is seriously cute but a complete know-it-all. His hot-cold attitude means he’s impossible to figure out—and even harder to rely on. But despite her better judgment, Phoenix is attracted to Callum. And he’s promising Phoenix a summer she’ll never forget. Can she trust him? Or is this just another lie?

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an advance copy of the book for review!

This one surprised me (in a good way)! Honestly, when this one showed up on my porch I wasn’t sure if I was going to give it a try. Sure, I’m a sucker for a good summer romance, but between the summary, cover, and my lack of interest in the author’s other books, I wasn’t convinced it was for me. But, I checked out the reviews, and I decided to give it a go!

As I said, this book surprised me. This was more than just a romance, which I really enjoyed. It dealt with familial relationships, financial hardships, lies, and trust… I adored Phoenix’s relationship with her younger brother Harry. Their interactions were so sweet, and Phoenix clearly had so much love for him, taking on the protective older sister, sometimes even motherly role. Harry was a cute character, but also one that pushed Phoenix to be a better person. I also quite liked Phoenix’s relationships with her parents, although they weren’t as big of a focus. They were flawed, yes, but their actions were what they thought was best for their family and children. Again, the elements of this story don’t shy away from being realistic.

When the story did deal with the romance, it was in a way that felt believable. Problems weren’t magically solved with a kiss, but instead involved hard conversations and discussion, especially on the topic of trust, a problem for both Phoenix and Callum. On a lighter note, their relationship was the perfect mix of sweet and sexy. There’s banter (you guys already know how much I love that), and a bit of a slow burn scenario happening. And man, Nicole Williams can write some smoldering scenes! I was totally swooning for the mysterious Callum right along with Phoenix!

Definitely a great read for the summer, Trusting You and Other Lies is the perfect blend of real life and romance!

6 thoughts on “Review: Trusting You and Other Lies by Nicole Williams

  1. I have not heard of this one until now. I love that the book touches on familiar relationships. I always feel like an author truly misses out on this when the parents are completely absent in a book. I love banter myself and the slow burn is always a winning trope in my book. Great review!

  2. Ooh I keep seeing this book on people’s recent hauls, and I must say that I LOVE the cover!! I am glad that the romance is really cute but also not perfect and that the story deals with real life issues like financial instability, etc. Great review!!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

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