Welcome to the new Books & Cleverness!

It’s been a while, but it’s still Emily, the same cat-crazy, coffee-loving, book-nerd that was here before. I hope you like the minimalist look for the new site. I find it quite clean and refreshing!

So I just posted an update earlier today, with the intent to leave the blog dormant a bit longer while I fussed around. But, I made some decisions today, and did more work than I anticipated, hence, another update. I’ve been reading quite a lot lately (some really great books, I might add), and wanted to be able to share my thoughts with you guys. So, while I know that everything on the blog isn’t perfectly the way I’d like it yet, it’s good enough for now, because I’ve just missed blogging so much. You’ll notice some subtle changes occurring still (like I’ll be doing my best to get rid of those godawful hearts I used to rate with — I know I’ve just spent a year at design school, but was I really that blind?!), but you can count on me to be back and posting frequently again.

As for the future of my posts, they’ll be much like the new design: streamlined, short and sweet. While I like to think that I’ll be able to keep this energetic excitement that’s built up inside of me from my basically 9-month hiatus going, I know I’ll eventually start to slow down again. So, I’ve made some changes I’ve been pondering doing for a while: no more rating scale, no more useless information in review posts, and I’m not forcing myself to produce content. If I read something, of course I’ll write about it, but I’m not boxing myself in to strictly writing reviews, or labelling something a discussion. The posts will be freeform, whatever the book inspires me to write in response to it. I totally sound like some free spirit artist now, thanks RISD, I LOVE it!

That’s basically all I’ve got to say for now, other than I’ve been out of school for a week now and am having major withdrawals. I really love college, and everything that goes along with it. But I am happy it’s summer — the weather’s warm, the time seems endless…and I’ve got many books to read and share with you! I hope you are all doing well, and if you’ve stuck with me through my crazy long time away, know that I am grateful, and you mean the world to me!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Books & Cleverness!

  1. Just casually binge-reading all your posts….

    YOU GO TO DESIGN SCHOOL? HAHA, I’m so jealllouuus, that’s so aweesssomme! I’m like interested in graphic design but still in like regular education so I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I’m loving your blog so far, IT’S SOOOO CUTE AND COOL!

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