Because I Don’t Want It to End: THE WINNER’S TRILOGY by Marie Rutkoski

I’ll just start by noting that this post won’t have any spoilers for any of the books in this series. This isn’t a series review or discussion. It’s just my way of setting my feelings straight before I read The Winner’s Kiss, and sharing with you all just how much I adore these books. I’m basically passive aggressively book-pushing these on you. Therefore if you were a LUCKY LUCKY duck and got to read the last book early, don’t comment spoilers or hint at events or anything pleeeeeaaaaseeeee.

The Winner's Trilogy Banner

A week from today (less than a week now — I CAN MAKE IT!), one of my favorite series will come to the end. I would almost feel perfectly okay with saying that this is my one and only favorite series, but I’m a serial reader, so I can’t. But I can say that Marie Rutkoski has taken me on a ride in just two, incredibly detailed, heartbreaking, smart, and intense books. I’m both madly looking forward to and dreading reading the final book. In preparation and anticipation for doing just that, I thought I would write this post. I guess it’ll be a little journey of sorts: The Winner’s Trilogy and I.

Waaaay back in March of 2014, I purchased a book called The Winner’s Curse. I was new on the blogging scene, but I could tell that this was a book that everyone was freaking out about. So I bought it. And read it. And cried a lot. Almost immediately after I finished reading the book, I attended an event to see Marie Rutkoski. I was a fangirling mess on the inside, which translated to me being unable to form coherent sentences, ask questions, or sometimes even get words out. But I knew, especially after meeting Marie and listening to her speak about the book, that this was a series that was going to hit me hard.

I successfully pushed this book into the hands on two of my good friends, who are now equally as obsessed with this series as I am. This was a very proud achievement for me — I’m now a successful book-pusher! The three of us discussed the book a lot, which helped the time pass until book two.

Flash forward a year to March 2015. I purchased and read The Winner’s Crime and cried even more. It left me in quite a state. I feel like a bad fan to admit it, but now in March of 2016, I barely remember what happened. But I’ve decided it’s because the events of the book were just too traumatic that my brain stored the knowledge away for safekeeping.

And now we’re back to present day. I’m reading recaps of the first two books (because I don’t like rereading for some reason), and mentally preparing myself to be emotionally destroyed after reading The Winner’s Kiss. All I can say is: NEITHER KESTREL NOR ARIN CAN DIE. THEY MUST LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER FOREVER AND EVER.

BRB, taking a trip to the big box store to buy tissue in bulk.

If you want, you can read my reviews of The Winner’s Curse and The Winner’s Crime while we wait to put ourselves through more pain. They’re both non-spoiler reviews. And look out for a review and spoiler discussion in the somewhat near future when I’m over my book hangover. See, I’m already anticipating one…


3 thoughts on “Because I Don’t Want It to End: THE WINNER’S TRILOGY by Marie Rutkoski

  1. I’ve heard that The Winner’s Curse Trilogy was amazing! I’ve haven’t read it yet because I never really read books with pretty girls in pretty dresses on the cover, but I should really start soon 🙂

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