Shadowhunters, Snape, and a whole lot of books!

*In all honesty I wrote this post planning to go up on Sunday, but just didn’t get around to taking pictures of the books until today, hence the extreme lateness of this post.*

Week in Review
This is my first Week in Review post of 2016! Well, actually *cough* I haven’t done a WiR post since February 2015 *cough*. But, I’ve been reading responses from my feedback survey and discovered that a lot of you LOVE WiR posts! I love reading other people’s, too. But because of that, I’m making it a point to try and stick to bringing these posts back. These are also some of my favorite posts to write! They also allow me to give you life tidbits (another resolution for 2016), so I think I’ll definitely be keeping this up!

In Life

I’m selecting my roommate and housing for college which is definitely exciting! I can’t believe I’m going to college, let alone my dream school this year. CRAZINESS ONCE AGAIN.

I also want to acknowledge my extreme sadness at the passing of Alan Rickman. He seemed like such a wonderful person, and the (wizarding) world will never be the same. Reading all the Harry Potter actors memorials to him had me on the verge of tears.

On a happier note, I’ve been watching a bunch of TV. One show being Shadowhunters, which premiered Tuesday on Freeform (previously ABC Family). I won’t be doing a full-on TV review, because I don’t have much to say, other than: I liked the movie better. I thought the script and the acting were horrible, apart from Alberto as Simon and Matthew as Alec. I won’t comment on the changes because it’s been FOREVER since I read the first book. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. AND, I watched episode two and felt the same. Oh well.

In Books

I haven’t yet shown you guys my Christmas book haul! I didn’t get a ton of books, but there are definitely some notable ones that I’m SO happy to finally have in my possession!

I also am silly and forgot to photography my BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS copy of the illustrated Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone. So, yes, I got that too!

These next two I spent some Christmas gift cards on:


I’ve also gotten a bunch of review books (which I should note, I requested before 2016 — I’m not breaking my resolution to focus less on the ARCs yet!). I don’t have many physical ARCs as usual, but I have a good amount for my collective eARCs. I’m not showing the ones I’ve already reviewed, just so you know.

The Memory of Light and Longbow Girl were both unsolicited from Scholastic (Thank you!). Thanks to HMH Kids for Into the Dim and The Novl for Girl in the Blue Coat! I’m SO EXCITED for both of those!

As for eARCs, I’ve collectively (over the past couple of months) gotten these:


Thanks to Swoon Reads for These Vicious Masks and No Love Allowed. Thanks to Algonquin YR for A Fierce and Subtle Poison. Thanks to Chronicle Books for The Vanishing Throne. Thanks to HMH Kids and Kaye Publicity for With Malice!

I’ll be bringing back the IN BLOGGING section in the next installment of Week in Review!


4 thoughts on “Shadowhunters, Snape, and a whole lot of books!

  1. Oh my god I started crying when I heard Alan Rickman died. Snape is my favorite fictional character ever, but Alan Rickman was such a terrific actor and person.

    As for the Shadowhunters TV premiere, I agree the scripts and acting were pretty awful for the most part. Except for, of course, Simon, who was so cute and hilarious.

  2. I watched the tv show and I also felt the same way! Jace is terrible, Clary seems fake, and Isabelle takes her confidence way too far! I hope it would get better though.

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