Thank YOU!

Thank You!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I wanted to take the time to let you all know just how thankful I am for everything and everyone the book community has given me. Before I started blogging, I didn’t have anyone in my life that shared the same level of excitement about books, reading, and fangirling as I did. Thanks to blogging I’ve made some great friends, read some amazing books, and have enjoyed every minute of it!

I want to first start out with the Bloggers and BookTubers that I discovered and introduced me to the online book community. Through them I discovered Goodreads, and the rest is history. Although I didn’t start blogging immediately after discovering the community, those bloggers and vloggers are what started it all for me.

Next I want to thank all of my blog readers and friends. Chatting with you on this blog, and your own (and Twitter) is lovely. You’ve become my place to turn when I need to fangirl, rant, or just talk all things bookish. Your comments always bring a smile to my face! Seriously, though. I was replying to comments and multiple times my mom has asked me what I’m smiling about. You really do make me so, so happy. I’m glad there are people like you guys around!

Now on to the authors that write the books I love. If it weren’t for you, what would my life even be like? I don’t even want to think about it. Keep writing stories, because us book lovers will never stop reading them.

I want to thank the amazing and incredible publishers for giving me the chance to read and review so many of the books that you publish. I genuinely love reviewing, and without you, I’d have missed out on so many amazing books. Thanks for taking a chance on me when I was still a little blogger, and for those publishers that still consider me a little blogger, thanks for STILL taking a chance on me. I try my best to bring about as much attention as I can to your books, because I love them so much! The surprise that land on my doorstep, mailbox, and inbox, still make my heart happy and extremely excited!

And I want to thank YOU, reader, one more time. Without you I wouldn’t be where I was today in the blog and book world! If you’re thinking of starting a book blog or book channel on YouTube, DO IT! You won’t regret it, because the connections you make, lessons you learn, and experiences you have will not be like any other.

I hope this post wasn’t too sappy…yeah, okay it probably was. But I hope you all of a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and good memories. And a good book of course! To those that are not in the US or don’t celebrate, than just have an extra special day! Love you all!



6 thoughts on “Thank YOU!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Emily! I’m so thankful for the things blogging has given me, too. I’ve met so many friends, found so many good books and discovered a sanctuary where the stress of real life doesn’t exist. I don’t think this post is too sappy at all. I feel the exact same way! My mom asks me why I’m smiling when I reply to comments and tweets, too. Lol 😀

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