11 thoughts on “Introducing the Dusting off the Shelf 2015 READING CHALLENGE!

  1. Ooh this is a great idea! Have fun, girl. I’ve never participated in a challenge before, but I think I might do one next year 😀

    1. Thanks I will! I NEED to read all of these books on my shelves. I used to only buy a book once all of them on my shelf were read, but let’s just say I’ve gotten a huge book buying addiction and that time was years ago. The books are literally piling up. :O

  2. I definitely need to sign up for this challenge! I am an over-spender on books, and I have tons just chilling on my shelves and Nook unread! This is a wonderful idea, and I’m signing up now. (:
    Morrighan @ Elysian Fields

  3. This sounds awesome (and I’m totally joining wayyy late)! I have so many unread books on my shelf and I only try to buy books I’ve already read… But I’m totally joining in this!

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