Confession #2: I’m a horrible commenter.

I’ve decided to share some secrets with you guys in a random series of posts that I call Confessions. Really my secrets aren’t very juicy, but they make for good discussion topics! πŸ˜‰

Confession #2

As you may have realized, I’m a very lousy commenter, and not just when replying to comments on my own blog. I’m awful at visiting other blogs and commenting on a regular basis, and even worse at visiting the blogs that have been nice enough to write a comment on my blog.

I tell myself that it’s not that big of a deal, but the truth is – it IS. Commenting is what’s really special about being a part of the book blogging community. I’ve met so many wonderful people since starting this blog, and without commenting that wouldn’t be the case. It’s also one of the only ways to show that as a reader of someone else’s blog that you’re actually reading and enjoying their posts! I still light up with a huge smile on my face whenever I get a notification of a new comment being posted on my blog.

So, I’m finally taking the pledge to comment back.

Bloggers Commenting Back
I will try to reply to every comment. I will try to visit every person’s blog who has commented on my post and leave a comment in my wake. I will try to visit blogs I follow on a more frequent basis, again leaving comments behind.
This brings me to another topic, too. What about when there’s a post that you don’t really have anything to comment on? Do you still leave a comment? Surprise, surprise – I don’t. But I think leaving empty comments is almost just as bad as not leaving one at all. I tend to look around the blog a bit and find a post where I have something to really add to the conversation. Stacking the Shelves and Book Haul posts are where I find myself leaving somewhat repetitive comments from blog to blog. But still, I try to comment specifically on a book or books that I have already read or am really anticipating, so I don’t come across as just spamming people’s blogs or just commenting for the sake of it.

So, what’s your say on commenting? Do you comment back?


35 thoughts on “Confession #2: I’m a horrible commenter.

  1. I am trying to be better at commenting as well. Sometimes the posts run away from me and I can’t catch up (the joys of not being online every day!). If I can’t comment I at least “like” the post so people know I’ve read it haha

    1. Yeah, when my blog was just getting started I didn’t get many comments so I’d always reply to every single one. I feel like I still want to now, even though the commenting it getting a little out of hand for me. I just love knowing that people like what I have to say and a reply to me is the perfect thank you. (Hence why I’m responding to comments even a month later.)

  2. I always comment back because I feel its more respectful considering the other person took the time to leave a comment. But I only leave comments on posts I actually have something meaningful to say about.

  3. There’s definitely a balance between posting what I call generic (and sometimes meaningless) comments typically found in most memes and the genuine feedback (when you’re thoughts are expressed in such a way that you’re interested in on-going dialogue).

    My rule of thumb, if I actually [did] read the post is that if I have something to say, then great. If not, then “liking” it will suffice. I know there will be people who just like everything (and would therefore mean liking is meaningless) but there are some who like posts (like they like comments) who actually read it! Now I’m no prodigal commenting guru but I personally find answering a prompt with a prompt works best (aside from long-winded replies like this post where there’s bound to be information-overload for you to dig through and find something to reply back to). All I can say is be creative in this learning curve of commenting because we all like that ding of notification that someone (or something–thanks spambots!) read something we wrote.

    But yeah, I feel the woes of commenting most on book review related posts (discussions like these are so much easier!). With so many different styles of reviewing (some being more simplistic with others are more thorough) I find it’s difficult to just delve into them for fear of that off-chance that I would be interested in said book (I don’t enjoy giving into hype and read into preconceived opinions on book before I make my own judgment).

    Okay, wow, this comment is getting too long and ramble-y. Bye LOL.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

    1. I do pretty much the same thing as you when it comes to liking. And YES, commenting on reviews is difficult for me, especially when I actually agree with the review. It’s hard to find something to say besides “Oh I loved it too!”

      And haha, no problem, long and ramble-y comments are awesome! πŸ˜€

  4. This is cute. I think we are all a little lacking in the commenting department. I for one lack in the blogging department but that’s bc I’m lacking in the reading department because I’m about to move three states away in less than a month! (At least that’s my excuse). I love this post though.

  5. You should never leave a comment just to leave a comment. I only leave them when I feel I have something to say πŸ™‚ I think I’m doing all right, even when I had to cut back on my commenting time. I like to spread comment love all around the blogosphere.

  6. I agree with Mel! I only leave comments if I really have something to say – even if it’s a bunch of rambling about my favorite character or I use caps lock liberally. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a deep thought; it’s about connecting and being a part of the community. So if it’s just flailing over a new book on a STS post, then that’s fun enough for me πŸ™‚

  7. I try to comment on most of the posts I read (as long as I actually have something to say), and I reply to 98% of the comments on my blog. I like receiving comments and replies, so I do the same for others. It’s one of the best ways to further your involvement in the blogging community.

  8. I don’t get many comments on my blog, but when I do, I reply them. It feels nice when someone has something to say about what you wrote.

    I’m not always online, but when I am, I try to catch up on my blog reads. I don’t leave a comment unless I think I have something useful to say. I don’t comment just to comment. And if I don’t comment I click the like button to let the blogger know that I read, liked and agreed with the content. It would feel redundant to click like and then post “I like your post and agree with you”.

  9. I reply to every comment left on my blog (unless it’s a one word response to something I’ve said), I don’t always comment on others blogs in reciprocation – if they’ve nothing recent posted or I’m not inspired to say anything meaningful, but I check out most posts of blogs I follow on Bloglovin, and try to leave a comment, or even a like, when I can – just so they know I’m checking in, it’s kind of like showing I care I guess. I’d like to leave a comment on blogs of others who leave me a comment, but that can be overly time consuming – so I do the above more often instead. That’s a reason I like WP over Blogger, I like being able to “like” a post if I don’t have time or motivation to comment in full. It’s like saying “great post” without having to.

    R x

  10. I’m in the Bloggers Commenting Back thing too, so yeah I do and I love doing it. I really like to leave a reply at the people’s blog who were kind enough to share their opinion with me and I’d found some amazing blogs to follow thanks to this. However I think Bloggers Commenting Back has a bad side too. When people comment on meme posts sometimes they only do to get people visit their site. I really hate when people say: ‘I love your Top Ten Tuesday list’ and then a link to theirs, it feels fake. Yes, leave your link, actually I encourage people to do so but please at least try to make an effort of actually leaving a meaningful one. Plus, like you said there’s the question: what if I promised to comment back but have nothing to say? Again, this only happens to me when people leave me comments on memes and I know they expect me to comment on their meme post and not on a review or something. I usually try to leave one that is meaningful even if we don’t have any common favorites, if I really can’t leave one, I’ll go check out their other posts and hope for the best.
    Ugh, sorry for the long comment, I talk a lot, maybe that’s why I don’t like one word comments? Great post! πŸ™‚

  11. haha I hear you on this one girl! I’m awful at commenting back as well. I usually get around to doing it once at week at like 3am (:
    I’m expecting a wonderful comment on my blog from you.. this pledge is the real deal girl. lol
    Morrighan @ Elysian Fields

  12. omg. commenting back is one of my problems too! Since I join some memes here and there and when someone comment on my post, I feel that they are just obliged to comment too. (I know! Why do I think like that?!) So now I comment back and visit other blogs as well. πŸ™‚



  13. I always comment back, no matter what. Even if I don’t particularly have a specific opinion to give, there’s always something to write back. If not, then, like you, I try to find a post that interests me more and comment there.
    I know how lovely it feels to get a comment notification so I do my best to make others feel the same πŸ™‚ It’s what this whole blogging business is about, after all!
    Best of luck on this pledge! ❀

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