Trick or Treat…or Read?

why i can't wait (2)

Halloween has always been my least favorite holiday. I barely ever went trick-or-treating for fear that the houses would have scary decorations, which in my neighborhood, they do. I still don’t even answer the door until one of my parents tell me it’s only a group of little kids in non-scary costumes. So naturally, scary books haven’t been my thing. But every now and then a book will come around that I know will most definitely leave me with nightmares but I pick up anyway. Halloween is that time for me, so here are the books that I’m feeling brave enough to read for this year’s Halloween season!


1. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

I’ve been meaning to read this book for such a long, long time because the story sounds really creepy and mysterious and I know I won’t be able to guess the murderer. I love stories that blow my mind and IT’S AGATHA CHRISTIE! It HAS to be good!

2. Sanctum by Madeleine Roux

I read Asylum last year and I really enjoyed it for a horror book, with pictures no less. It didn’t scare me, but I considered that a good thing. No nightmares = Emily’s approval of horror book. I’m really intrigued to see how the story continues and what happens next. Dun, dun, DUN.

3. The Diviners by Libba Bray

Not the stereotypical “horror” book, but I couldn’t even get through the book trailer. I love the 1920s, and I’ve heard this book is CREEPY and WILL give me nightmares, unlike with Asylum. I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, and I think I’ve decided this is the time to just go for it!

4. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

I’ve heard amazing things about this series, and I know it has a huge fanbase. I can’t wait to dive into this twisty story that I know I’ll love!

Do you read scary books? What are some of your favorites? What are you planning on reading this Halloween?


24 thoughts on “Trick or Treat…or Read?

  1. And Then There Were None is fantastic! It’s so creepy and suspenseful and kept me guessing right up until the very end. It’s definitely a great Halloween read!

  2. The next books I’m going to read are The Diviners and And Then There Were None. I’m now off to find the Diviners book trailer you mentioned as I haven’t seen it yet. Happy reading!

  3. I love reading “scary” books all year round and am super bummed that I can’t this Halloween because of my exams. Have fun though! I LOVE the Diviners and Mara Dyer so you’re in for a treat! Enjoy x

  4. I love your Halloween banner! It goes with your new blog design perfectly:)

    I’ve had my eye on Asylum for a while now, I should definitely make it my goal to read it this Halloween!

    Funny enough, I’ve started both The Diviners and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and never finished either. I don’t even really remember why anymore though, so you should go for them!

    I wrote a post on my top 5 favorite scary books a little while ago, and my favorites were Michele Gagnon’s Stranglets and Johan Harstad’s 172 Hours on the Moon. They are CREEPY, jump at your own shadow kind of books (that also have sic-fi elements!). While I’m not a fan of scary movies, reading scary books is *just* scary enough for me!

    You can check out my scary books post here:

  5. I don’t do horror or scary at all after I read Pet Sematary by Stephen King when I was 13/14. I threw in the towel after that! But… this year I might be brave and read the copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children that I was gifted. I suppose that’s Halloween enough, yeah?

    1. Oh gosh, I don’t think I’ll ever read a Stephen King book, except for maybe Under the Dome as it’s not really horror but more sci-fi. And Miss Peregrine’s would be perfect! I originally thought it was horror but when I started reading I found it was more fantasy/adventure.

  6. Yeah, the diviners has a pretty creepy vibe to it! it’s such a great read, you definitely should read it soon, girl!

    loved this post! gonna check out those other books, now.

  7. The Diviners and Mara Dyer were 2 of my favorite books last year!! They’re both creepy in different ways. The Diviners is a loooong book, but it goes pretty fast. Some of the death scenes are pretty gross though. And I can’t wait for the 2nd Diviners and final Mara books!! It’s killing me!

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