Week in Review: September 21st A.K.A. The Catch-up Edition

Week in Review

What I Did:

I’m finally back! And when I say back I actually mean it for a long long time this time! Life has really been crazy ever since school started, but most recently especially. School has been a ton of work (I don’t usually have time to read after school anymore because by the time I finish my homework I’m pooped.) And almost two weeks ago, my great aunt passed away — she was very close with my parents, grandpa, aunts and uncles so it really hit our family hard. And that same week I got my beautiful kitten, Clary. So there was something good to come of that week. She’s 11 weeks old now and just precious. She loves sitting on my shoulders or lap while I read, but has her moments where she’s a maniac running around the house! I love her so much and I cannot wait to make tons more wonderful memories with her than I have already!

IMG_4634 IMG_4649

Books I Added to My Shelves:

I haven’t actually bought or received any books in the past two weeks…but I plan to go to the bookstore later today or sometime this week so expect pictures of my most recent purchases to be up on Instagram when I do!

Recently Finished and Currently Reading:

Most recently I just finished reading Zac & Mia by A.J. Betts which I really enjoyed. It was just what I was looking for and I was really in the mood for a hospital/sick book after watching the pilot of Red Band Society on FOX (is that morbid????). Anywho, my review for it will be up on Monday, but *hint* I really really really really liked it!

I’m finally getting around to reading Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. I planned on reading it like a week and a half ago but LIFE UGH. So yes, I am FINALLY reading Lola! YAY!!!

On My Blog (The last two weeks):

So this was my little catch-up edition of Week in Review! I hope you’ve had a wonderful TWO weeks since I’ve been MIA. I’d love to hear what’s new with you all so feel free to comment or tweet me! 😉





16 thoughts on “Week in Review: September 21st A.K.A. The Catch-up Edition

  1. kitty!! I’ve never had a kitten myself (my first two cats were around before I was and the next two were rescued from the RSPCA so they were already adults when we got them)- but yes kittys make everything better! Mine looks sitting on the books I’m reading because she gets jealous of the attention haha

    1. Aw, that stinks. I was for the longest time but just grew out of it. Clary is not scientifically proven to be but I can say that I don’t react to her and she doesn’t shed a hair. She’s a Russian Blue…that’s how I convinced my parents! 😉

  2. I’m reading Lola and the Boy Next Door right now as well! I’m about a third of the way through it, and it’s SO GOOD. I’m interested to see how it compares overall to Anna and the French Kiss.

  3. It’s not too late to start LOLA. 😀 Still haven’t finished it either because of school 😦
    And OMG your kitten is just so cute!! I’m actually not that much of a cat lover but yours is just so super adorable!! ♥

    1. I feel awful that I didn’t chat with you guys AT ALL about the book, and that I’m JUST NOW replying to this comment. Life has been so crazy lately…But I’m in the process of reviewing Lola now, and hopefully we can chat about it sometime soon! 😉

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your loss… But having a beautiful kitten like Clary to cheer you up does help. She is gorgeous! And I love lap cats, nothing more comfy when reading, especially during winter. 😉

  5. Your kitten is adorable!!! My kitten (not so much a kitten because she is like 8) likes to sit on me when I read too but she is huge and it doesn’t always go well haha! Hope school hasn’t been too bad.

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