How Book Blogging + High School Has Prepared Me for the “Real World”

In case you didn’t know, I’m a high school student.

I’m not particularly a fan of high school (I’d much rather be home reading), but I feel like the combination of high school and book blogging has been very beneficial to me. Blogging has helped me in school, and school has helped me with blogging. And both together have helped to prepare me with the skills I need for the “real world” aka college, jobs, etc.

Without blogging, I wouldn’t be as challenged.

Sure, I take AP courses. Yes, that challenges my brain. And yes, it’s all somewhat time consuming. BUT, after recently stopping tennis for this school year to focus on grades and college stuff, I do have some more time on my hands. Blogging is another commitment that I have to myself. No one knows that I blog except for you and I. Shh.. don’t tell anyone, okay?!Β But the point is, I technically have no one to keep me in check about whether I put time into blogging or not. It’s all on me.

Also, blogging adds another little challenge to my daily life. I try my hardest to post reviews on certain dates for publishers and authors, but I also have to have time to read them. Therefore, the combination of blogging and school has taught me even better time management. Sure, I still procrastinate – it’s inevitable for me, but I know that I have deadlines to make for both school AND blogging, and I work hard to get schoolwork done so I can have timeΒ to read books and blog for fun, too.

I know how to be professional.

Before blogging I got nervous about emailing teachers about a grade or homework assignment. Did I format this correctly? Is this professional enough? But now with blogging (and the help of some awesome experienced bloggers), I know how to contact “important people.” Emailing publishers, authors, and other bloggers has become something I do frequently now, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to do so, but also for the lessons that it’s taught me. I know how to be professional now whether it’s about requesting an ARC, asking a high school teacher about missed work, or even talking to people at colleges.

It’s brought my out of my comfort zone and made me more confident.

I used to be SO shy. You could barely hear me when I spoke in a classroom setting. I didn’t branch out and meet new people. Blogging has totally transformed me. I’m louder, more outgoing. Blogging has helped because it took me being behind a computer screen to realize that meeting new people isn’t hard or meant to be nerveracking. Once I realized this through blogging and interacting with people on Twitter and blog comments, I saw that it’s not so different in person, either.

All of these things translate into the “real world.”

Soon I’ll be in college, most likely working a part time job and I really want to still be blogging too! Adding this little extra bit of “work” I’ll call it, although it’s really a fun, enjoyable hobby, is something that I think will gradually help me for when that time comes, and even after college when I’m all by myself at a job doing all the “adult” things that have to be done. Also just the social aspects of it has already helped me so much!

So thanks, blogging. You’ve really helped a girl out.


23 thoughts on “How Book Blogging + High School Has Prepared Me for the “Real World”

  1. I’m glad that blogging has helped you in so many ways! My mother has been suggesting that I start blogging for YEARS, since I was in high school, and I’m just now starting. I really wish I would have listened sooner, because this community is amazing. All the opportunities and people I’ve been meeting makes the experience even better.

    Whew, I definitely know how you feel. Trying to balance life and blogging is so difficult. I’m a mother of a 2 year old and a student myself, and trying to find time to read, review, network with other bloggers, promote, etc is harder than I thought. After looking into some opportunities, I actually began to be serious with my blogging and decided to become more “professional.” I use a calender and a cool notepad on my laptop to keep my “work” organized and structured. You seem to be doing well so keep up the good work girl!

    1. I’m so happy that you’re happy that you finally started haha! πŸ™‚

      And WOW, props to you for being a student and mother…I can only imagine! And thanks so much! Hopefully school won’t be affecting my blogging too too much!

  2. I feel this exact same way! I’m currently a senior in high school and have a full courseload of AP classes as well, and I feel like blogging has really helped me learn how to manage my time better as well as how to be confident in forming my own opinions. And I totally agree about speaking professionally! Awesome post! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m a high school student as well. Actually, the first day of my final year in it. Now it’s a countdown haha. I agree that it’s challenging and I kinda feel it. Before, I was just reading and reviewing on Goodreads + every Saturday posting a review but now I know I have to still be active and post every two days max. Ugh, very challenging. I don’t know if I’ll survive but it definitely helps me too with real world and school homework too in a way. I’m not as lazy anymore. πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha I totally get it. Now that I’m not so much a “casual” blogger anymore I feel obligated to get stuff posted at least 4 days a week. I got into a little funk this week with school but I’m hoping to get back into it starting today!

  4. How funny! For me, blogging has actually done the opposite.

    In real life, I use to struggle with interacting with peers. I tend to be quiet, serious, and — dare I say it — probably a little stuck up. I act older than a lot of my peers. In middle school and much of freshman year, I found their jokes immature and I thought I though BF/GF drama and parties were stupid. I’ve always been more comfortable talking with adults. Both blogging and newspaper introduced me to groups of people that I relate to, people with which I can loosen up and be myself.

    I tend to dwell too much on school, tennis, etc. I’m constantly stressed and overwhelmed. Blogging gives me a chance to step away. I’m free to blog about what I want when I want. It gives me something to do that doesn’t involve daily training/work or constant deadlines. It’s probably the only thing in my schedule that’s purely for fun.

    It’s amazing that blogging has done so much for both us in such different ways.

    1. I definitely understand where you’re coming from, though too. I guess blogging is also kind of an escape for me in a way from the dramas of high school and the workload and everything. This is work that I enjoy, so I love that about it, and all the people I’ve gotten to be friends with through blogging too! πŸ™‚

  5. I totally get what you mean. I’m about to scrape up the last meagre two weeks of high school (I’m on the opposite side of the world) and writing reviews and blogging has taught me a world about time management that I would have otherwise been unbothered to learn, had I not challenged myself. I love this post, Emily. You spoke to me soul hahaha

  6. Agh I just love this reflection! As a high school student myself, in many ways blogging has aided me in school. It improved my writing skills (who knew all those reviews would pay off?), and it’s given me broader perspectives.

    Again, this sort-of impromptu speech is just awesome.

  7. I’m not a high school or college student anymore, but one of my favorite things that blogging has done for me is given me this AWESOME community with a ton of new friends! It can be really hard to make friends post-college, so talking to other bloggers, authors, etc. has been awesome for me. It really is a great group of people πŸ™‚

  8. Breaking out of your comfort zone and knowing how to write professional emails are definitely great skills to have for college and the real world! Emailing professors is even scarier than teachers since they are generally Dr.’s haha πŸ˜‰

  9. I have always been a shy person, never speak up too loud about what I feel and think, however, I think that all the things that we made in our life (inside or out the internet) teach us how to act with the others. Blogging for me is a way to tell people what I think but also to share the love for my book passion, but as you, it help me to contact and be free to speak with author, publishers and editors and be more professional.

    Sadly, I’m still shy but walling to speak out when it’s need it! Also, I’m not blogging for scape of reality, it does give me freedon with the crazyness from school but not for me to scape the world, it’s more like to find and learn new ways to see the world.

    Although, college is a whole different world, where you’re going to have so many different life lesson. I’m college student in Social Comunications, and I can tell you that nothing will give you more perspective of life than your time in college.

    1. I’m so happy that blogging has helped you out in many ways too! Like you, I’m still a shy person but I’ve definitely tried to be more outgoing in certain situations. I also can’t wait to learn the invaluable lessons that college will teach me!

  10. Everything you said is SO true, and I think it just goes to show that academics can’t teach a person everything. That blogging has helped you so much in so many ways in your life is AWESOME! I hope that my blog will come to tach me many of these things, too.

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