Week in Review: August 17th

Week in Review

Week in Review is a weekly post in which I wrap up what’s happening in my life, in books, and in blogging (inspired by Anna @ Anna Reads)!

What I Did:

This is more book-related not life-related but, I placed my first ever order on Book Outlet! My birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and on a whim I decided to visit the site, and I saw too many books that I wanted. So, I placed a huge order that I told my mom to distribute to family members for my birthday. The main reason why I placed the order was because they’re having $20 off a purchase of $60+ (which isn’t as hard as you think to make) until August 18th! *Hint* You guys should go and buy all the books! 😉 I hope that they come in good condition because I inspect every inch of a book before I buy it in stores. I talked to a couple people and as long as you don’t order a used book they’re really good about replacing them if they come damaged. So, fingers crossed! I’ll probably have a whole separate haul post after my birthday because there’s a LOT of books, guys. I went crazy! :O

Links I Loved:

  • Kiera Cass, author of The Selection series had some REALLY exciting news to share with fans of the series! She asked us to Tweet and Instagram using #MoreSelection to unlock some early and extra content which you can check out HERE. But, oh wait! There’s more! Hear it from Kiera herself in her special announcement video!

*squeals with excitement*
Add book #4 and #5 to your Goodreads shelves!

  • Kristen @ My Friends are Fiction discusses book covers and when they scare you. Personally, I steer clear of the creepy covers, but every now and then I’ll pick one up for a change of pace. Shutter, one that she mentioned in her post, totally creeps me out, but I added it to my TBR right away!
  • Sandra @ Tea Between Books talks about illustrations in books, and her feelings regarding them. I’m a girl who’s a sucker for a book with a map, that’s for sure!
  • Ashley @ Nose Graze put up a very informative post for those of you who are still unsure about the right time to start requesting ARCs. Ashley’s posts are always wonderful and very informative for all your blogging and book blogging needs. If you’re not already following her, you must!
  • Nikki @ The Paper Sea puts both the US and the UK covers of The Jewel by Amy Ewing up against each other in her wonderful feature, Civil Wars!
  • Danielle @ Love at First Page discusses the anxiety felt when starting a currently unfinished series. I’m right there with her on every one I’ve read so far!

Books I Added to My Shelves:

Unlike last week’s no book week, this week I got a few books!

Downloaded FREE on iBooks:

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter – I don’t really read on iBooks at all, but it was free so I thought “Hey, why not!” I may read it on my iPad sometime if I’m in the mood and I can’t find a physical or eReader copy before then.

For Review:


The Midnight Queen by Sylvia Izzo Hunter – Have heard nothing about this one but I saw it up on First to Read and I just had to grab it! Between the cover and the synopsis I knew it sounded up my alley. It’s adult, but I think you guys may like it too!

Into the Grey by Celine Kiernan – This looks like such a unique ghost story book, and I’m just starting it now! Thanks so much to Jamie @ Fic Fare and Cuddlebuggery’s Little Blogger Big Ambitions program for this ARC!

Recently Finished and Currently Reading:

My most recent read was Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini, which I’ll be reviewing on the blog tomorrow, so be sure to watch out for that! Hint: I liked it a lot! Witches are awesome, guys. I haven’t read a great witch book in such a long time so this was a much-needed, exciting read for me.

As I mentioned above, I just started reading Into the Grey by Celine Kiernan. I’m only a few chapters in and I’m really intrigued so far… Not sure what to expect of this one. We shall see…

On My Blog:

I hope you had a wonderful week! Let me know all about it in the comments!

xo, emily

14 thoughts on “Week in Review: August 17th

  1. I wish I could order on Book Outlet, but the shipping costs are crazy to my country, so it gets too expensive. The midnight queen has such a pretty cover and I like the sound from the blurb. Happy reading 🙂

  2. Let me know how happy you are with Book Outlet! I’m always looking for bargain books, but I’m so hesitant about ordering online. Even with Barnes & Noble, I sometimes end up with late shipments and bent covers.

    1. Will do. The same thing has happened with me with B&N. But at least with them you can take it back to the store and exchange it. Fingers crossed Book Outlet is good! But even if some come a little imperfect, you can’t beat the price.

  3. I’m totally checking out that website. If I get carried away I blame you. hehe Sounds like you’ll have a great birthday. 🙂 Trial of fire looked good to me, but I’ve been reading mixed reviews. I’m glad that you liked it.

  4. Interesting news about The Selection series, I definitely need to hurry up and finish The One. We have the same Blogoversary, go us!!! 🙂 Into the Grey sounds really interesting, I haven’t heard of that one before. I hope you enjoy all of your books 🙂

  5. I love Book Outlet! I always have to delete their emails or ban myself from the site unless I actually have money to spend, otherwise I’ll end up buying five books because “they’re only five dollars EACH!” It’s a problem 😛

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