Saturday Snapshots (#1) – My Bookshelves

Welcome to the first post in my new feature, Saturday Snapshots! This will be a feature where I’ll share lots bookish photos and sometimes food-y ones from the past week!

So, this week I decided to reorganize my bookshelves. They were in dire need of reorganization. Books were just put wherever they’d fit because, let’s face it, I’m running out of room! I love watching bookshelf tours on YouTube, but since I blog instead of making videos, I decided to do a photo tour! I apologize in advance for the horrible photo quality.


Hutch ShelfBookshelf BeforeNo organization whatsoever.


Hutch Shelf AfterThis is the hutch above my desk where I initially just had overflow books from my real bookshelf. I was originally planning on taking this hutch down but then decided against it as it’s now storing about a quarter of my books…

Basically the top shelf is all of my hardcover books. Starting from the left I have larger than normal hardcovers. Then I have random number books in series. Next I have some completed series…Then I have a TON of first books in series. Then at the end I have my John Green books and a standalone.

Shelf #2 is all my ARC copies along with overflow hardcover copies that didn’t fit on Shelf #1.

Bookshelf AfterThis is my main bookshelf and I decided to put all of my paperback books here since I have the most of them. I tried to do each cube somewhat by genre. But toward the end it got really difficult to fit everything.

Cube #1 (top left) has fantasy series books and Arya Stark. Cube #2 (top center) has all of my contemporary. Cube #3 (top right) somewhat post-apocalyptic/fantasy/steampunk. Cube #4 (middle left) is paranormal with some overflow dystopia. Cube #5 (middle center) is more paranormal/historical – of course my TMI/TID collection that I adore! Cube #6 (middle left) has my “prettiest” books. I’ve got some classics and my gorgeous Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics Editions. A graphic novel and my A Game of Thrones clothbound edition. Cube #7 (bottom left) is my Harry Potter shrine! The entire series, the novellas, house crest bookmarks, a chocolate frog, some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and tickets to when I went to the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows Part Two! Cube #8 (bottom center) is more fantasy. Cube #9 (bottom right) is some adult/non-fiction/odd-sized books/overflow paperbacks.

So those are my shelves! I’m not trying to brag or anything but I’ve wanted to do a “bookshelf tour” forever. They’re just such fun posts to read/videos to watch! I’d love to see your shelves, too! If you’ve done a tour post or video definitely link it to me in the comments and I’ll check it out!

xo, emily


6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots (#1) – My Bookshelves

  1. Your bookshelves look so pretty! Now I’m really tempted to do this, although my bookshelves are a mess so I’d definitely have to reorganise them first. 🙂

  2. You have so many pretty books! LOL and this post just reminds me i have to ONE DAY clean my shleves *hangs hea din shame* yours officially look better than mine

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