Update: I’m Back! + Summer Blog Schedule

Hi, everyone!

I’m writing this post shortly after getting home from my last day of school. I’m so excited to be back from hiatus but I really needed this small break from blogging. While I was away I got thinking about how my blog has been pretty repetitive, nothing making it stand out from all the other book blogs out there. So, I came up with a new schedule for the blog starting now! I’ve got high hopes for both reading and blogging this summer and I’m so excited to finally get to dedicate my time to books and blogging. Here’s the schedule I’ve come up with:

  • Mondays: Review
  • Tuesdays: Top Ten Tuesday
  • Wednesdays: Waiting on Wednesday – I decided to drop WWW Wednesdays. I didn’t really enjoy writing those posts and they were pretty repetitive. If you want to see what I’m reading or what I’m thinking of reading next, etc., you can always check the widgets at the bottom of the blog of my Goodreads!
  • Thursdays: Before I Blogged / Cleverly Quoting – Each of these posts will be up every other week. Cleverly Quoting is a new feature that I created in which I’ll wrap up some of my favorite quotes from books that I’ve read recently!
  • Fridays: Review
  • Saturdays: Saturday Snapshots – Another new feature in which I’ll share photos I’ve taken throughout the week (mostly bookish, sometimes food-y)! 
  • Sundays: Week in Review


As for the books…I finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee with my class, and my extra credit book, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. If you guys would like reviews for either of those books just let me know –  I’m not sure since this is mostly YA lit blog. But if you guys want one, I’ll be happy to oblige!

Now for YA…I haven’t really been reading much. Today I’m finishing Take Back the Skies by Lucy Saxon, and this weekend I’m hoping to read two more books: Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters and Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore.

I’ve been on Twitter quite a lot, but if there is anything really important that I missed while being semi-absent from the community I’d love it if you’d share! (Yes, I did see the Slate article.)

It’s great to be back! See you all tomorrow with my first Saturday Snapshots post!

xo, emily


9 thoughts on “Update: I’m Back! + Summer Blog Schedule

    1. Yes, I’m SO happy. Thanks for being interested in my thoughts – I’ll definitely do a post on it then! 🙂 I was actually just thinking about doing a post on reading books for school and how it can affect my views of a book and talking about To Kill A Mockingbird in it.

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