Week in Review: May 11th

Week in ReviewInspired by Anna @ Anna Reads.

What I Did:

Study. Study. Study. That pretty much describes my week. Oh, and Twitter. I Twittered a lot, too! 😉

Oh, and I fangirled when Maureen Johnson replied to one of my tweets.

Her Tweet to me:

My fangirling:

Links I Loved:

  • Mel @ The Daily Prophecy posted a HUGE roundup of upcoming fairy tale retellings coming soon! Make sure to have Goodreads open when scrolling through this list!
  • Jen @ YA Romantics discussed what the “right” age for the YA genre, and what feels too young to be considered “YA”.
  • Miguel @ The Quirky Reader took the “Book Blogger Test” and tagged me in it! This is the first time I’ve ever been tagged so a big thank you to Miguel! I’m super excited to do this tag so look out for that very soon!
  • Katherine Ann @ thelibrarylife and Ashalee @ GeekedOutMovies nominated me for the Liebster Award! AHH! I’m so excited – this is my second time nominated and I am yet again honored to have been chosen! I’ll have my post up probably sometime this coming week or the week after! Thanks again Katherine and Ashalee!

Books I Added to My Shelves:

For Review:

Some Fine Day by Kat Ross – Thank you to Strange Chemistry and NetGalley!


The Fault in Our Stars (Movie Tie-In Edition) by John Green – I just had to have the beautiful movie cover. It gives me all the feels.

*I also got this AMAZING map of Westeros from the A Song of Ice and Fire series that was free with a purchase of any two items at Barnes & Noble!

Books I Read:

I finally finished Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols! My review will be up on Monday so be sure to check it out to see what I thought!

On My Blog:

Next Week:

  • Monday: Review: Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols
  • Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t
  • Wednesday: WWW Wednesday (#2)
  • Thursday: Before I Blogged (#2) – Glimmerglass by Jenna Black
  • Friday: Tag: The Book Blogger Test AND/OR Review
  • Sunday: Week in Review: May 18th

I most likely won’t have a second review next week as usual due to a weekend full of studying. But I’ll try and read as much as I can this weekend and hopefully finish a book and have a review up for Friday!

How was your week? Let me know all about it in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Week in Review: May 11th

  1. Some Fine Day looks like an interesting read, I haven’t seen that one before. I also had to buy myself the movie tie-in cover for TFIOS, I couldn’t help myself, it’s gorgeous! It’s always exciting whenever an author tweets you back, I fangirl every time! 🙂

  2. Woo! Isn’t it awesome to chat with authors? Recently, Danielle L. Jensen and I talked about me stealing her manuscript, LOL. The TFioS movie edition looks awesome. I don’t have any physical copy of it, though. D: Anyway, have an awesome week!

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