In which I gush about…everything The Fault in Our Stars!

In which I gush about...

This will be a spoiler-free post!

John GreenLet me tell you a story…

Unlike most people, my love for The Fault in Our Stars was not immediate. I hadn’t already been a fan of John Green’s writing, nor had I been eagerly anticipating the release of TFiOS. In fact, before even hearing about TFiOS before it’s release I was completely unaware of John Green, himself. I am ashamed that I was once so out of the loop in the book community. That was before blogging happened to me though. A story for another day.

I looked into this new book by this supposed ‘genius’ of an author and after reading the synopsis I immediately said to myself, “I am never going to read this book.” About a year went by with people, even friends of mine that didn’t read books, saying, “Oh Emily, you HAVE to read this book it’s amazing!” which of course I had been hearing from everyone else online in the book community. That just deterred me from reading it even more. I was nervous because it was a book that was way out of my fantastical dystopian comfort zone and so hyped I felt like it would never live up to my ever-growing expectations for it. I absolutely hate sad books, because, well they make me sad, obviously.

But of course, I gave in and read it when I found a signed copy of it at my local Barnes & Noble. I figured, hey, it’s signed and he seems pretty famous, I guess this is the sign that I should give it a go. And I read it.

I must admit it wasn’t a huge moment where when I started reading I immediately fell in love. You could say that I “fell in love the way you fall asleep.” In fact I was really intimidated and skeptical regarding the dialogue and narration. But I pursued reading it, and the feels slowly but surely started tearing at the bits of my heart. Since I hadn’t been blogging at the time I read this book I’ll insert my Goodreads review from about a day after I finished it:

It’s already been almost a full day since I’ve read this and I can’t even think about this without tears forming in my eyes. Also please keep in mind that my thoughts can’t be organized normally about this book this early on in the process of being sad after reading.

I decided to read The Fault in Our Stars because basically all of the reviews from EVERYONE have been fantastic. They were not wrong. I loved both Hazel and Augustus so so much. Also, I can’t forget Isaac! The three of them made me smile, laugh, cry… basically feel all the emotions.

The story tugged at my heartstrings and it taught me what people who have such awful diseases like cancer go through. Reading this book made me think. A lot. It made me realize just how lucky I am. Hazel, Augustus and Isaac were true fighters. They were so intelligent, and incredible people.

Hazel and Augustus were an adorable couple. The way that they let themselves fall in love with each other even though there was a constant fear of hurting the other was beautiful. They were people that were making the best out of the lives that they had.

I made it 3/4 of the way through the book without shedding a tear. Then I reached a point where all of the things from the previous pages just built up and I burst. After the tears started to fall I couldn’t stop reading. Finally, after about a chapter I dried up a bit, but my eyes were wet for the rest of the book.

Reading this made me realize many things:
1.) I’m very lucky.
2.) Life isn’t fair.
3.) All the best people have the hardest lives.
4.) Love is forever.
5.) It’s a metaphor.

Everyone must read this book sometime in their life. I hate sad books, but I fell in love with this story. I know this will be one of those books that I’ll open up to a random page and start reading from wherever it opens to. I’ll read this again, and I’m sure I’ll never get through it with a dry face.

I rated it five out of five stars, of course.

Bring on the emotion.John Green

If you’re a fan of the book than you probably already know that the movie adaptation of TFiOS comes out on June 6th (at least in the US). I’m trying to mentally prepare myself and am planning to bring a full box of tissues just like everyone else, I’m sure.

In a way I feel like the movie will be almost more emotional than the book. I know what’s going to happen, which makes all of the early parts even more upsetting. I’m not planning to re-read the book prior to seeing the movie. I normally don’t do that, and plus, all the dialogue in the book is supposed to be included in the adaptation. I can’t handle re-reading the book right now.

Adding to the emotion is just how perfect the cast is. Shailene Woodley is such a talented actress, as are Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff. From the trailer and what I’ve seen of clips the movie will be amazing. And it has John Green’s stamp of approval so it MUST be good.

I’m in love with you, TFiOS soundtrack.

The line-up for the soundtrack is amazing. When I was reading TFiOS I kept playing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Kiss Me’ in my mind, so finding out that he’s on the soundtrack was like a dream come true. The three songs that have been released so far have blown my mind, and are so relevant to the story it’s just perfect. As of right now ‘Boom Clap’ by Charli XCX is my favorite and I’ve been playing it on repeat.

EDIT: After I wrote this post Ed Sheeran’s song for the movie was released…and…well it brought tears to my eyes.

A picture’s worth a thousand feels.

*all stills taken from The Fault in Our Stars movie website.

Watch the trailer:

So that’s kind of my TFiOS evolution love story.

How did you discover The Fault in Our Stars? Do you love this book, too? Gush about it with me in the comments! ❤



4 thoughts on “In which I gush about…everything The Fault in Our Stars!

  1. I’m super excited about the TFiOS movie, too! I’ve been a fan of John Green for quite a few years, but I didn’t like any of his books as much as I liked TFiOS. I’m hoping the movie lives up to such large expectations!

    Have you read This Star Won’t Go Out by Esther Earl? Esther was a friend of John’s who sadly died of cancer, but who partly inspired him to write TFIOS. The book is a collection of her journal entries, letters, and artwork and is really touching. I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it!

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